Camp Day 4: They Said What?

Read what Jim Zorn, Chris Cooley, Justin Geisinger, Durant Brooks and Mike Sellars had to say today at Training Camp about a variety of topics.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the roster limit of 80 players:

"Well I think it affects the team in two areas: number one is with the quarterbacks. We have four quarterbacks but I like to bring five QBs to camp, not just because of the competition but also because we do service a lot of the drill work that goes on with the offensive side, so with four quarterbacks they have to service more. Their arms get more tired and if anybody went down with a really sore arm and had to rest a couple days that would put extra pressure on the rest of the group. The other reason it's difficult with just 80 guys is because it limits our tight end position. We have four guys and nobody can get injured because it just puts extra stress on the rest of the group. We would also like to be able to evaluate more than just a couple guys. The roster limit is just something we have to deal with."

On working out the quarterbacks:  

"My goal is to make sure that they're warm and that they take care of their arms once they get in, so I'm always asking them questions about their arms. Two-a-days really take a toll. Once we get into game planning and stuff like that there is never a lingering problem because there is only one practice a day. Having two practices a day puts a lot of strain on a QB."

On Jason Taylor:

"He is going to major on our left side. The thing that has impressed me the most about him is his ability to jump right in. We were going to bring him in slow, but he's taking his reps. He's enjoying it. I think he's picking it up very quickly. He's trying to get himself mentally up to speed with all of the new terminology and concepts. He's a real pro and he's going at it hard."

On tempo being a daily mantra:

"When the play starts, I don't want to see people watching. Sometimes guys either hesitate or don't quite get what they're supposed to do or where they're supposed to go, but I just want them to do something. I want them to move, hit something, do something. Those are the things that I'm trying to instill. We are still learning and improving."

On recovering after their first day in pads:

"There is stiffness. I think everybody was tired today in some way because we actually had two padded practices yesterday if you think about it. They were going to be sore today anyway but especially because we added an extra padded practice yesterday afternoon. It should be a nice break this afternoon with a special teams practice. I thought they came through it fine. I don't think there was anything that I saw that was negative or in question."

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley

On how well the team is picking up the new offense:

"I am very impressed with how we have picked up the offense.  We have put in quite a bit in the first week.  The offense is pretty easy to pick up and we have a basic understanding, but we still have more work to do.  It will be a consistent offense.  It involves a lot of short catches, and there are a lot of guys on the team that can make plays after them.  Based on our personnel, it is an outstanding offense."

On how Jason Campbell is picking up the offense:

"Jason is picking it up well.  He is an outstanding leader and a smart guy.  His mind works so fast and he reads plays very quickly.  We all have a lot of confidence in him, and I have been very impressed with the way he has been able to pick up three offenses during his time with the Redskins."

Redskins Offensive Tackle Justin Geisinger

On putting the pressure on defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti to catch the punt:

"I had to put the pressure on Boschetti on the defense at the end. I had to come through big.  It is good."

On if there would have been repercussions from his teammates if he had dropped the punt:

"I don't want to know what would have happened. I probably would have gotten ripped in the locker room for the rest of camp. I don't have to worry about that now."

On if he would have practiced catching punts if he knew he had to today:

"Oh yeah, I played a little tight end in high school, back several years ago. I have some kind of hands I guess."

Redskins Punter Durant Brooks

On how the other kickers are treating him:

"No rookie hazing, which is really good.  It has really helped me out.  Shaun [Suisham], Ethan [Albright] and Derrick [Frost] we have become friends and give each other advice."

On what it is like for punters to be separated from the rest of the team:

"You get stereotyped for it, but I am a little different.  All through high school I played both offense and defense.  I have gotten to were I like to do everything.  I don't like to get off by myself.  I am always trying to do team stuff to earn respect.  Kickers already get less respect because they are kickers, so I try to earn mine."

On whether he expected to be taken in the draft:

"There was talk about it.  There were certain rounds that I could go in, but I didn't have high expectations because it is so rare for a kicker or punter to really get drafted.  I didn't want to get my hopes up to high, but I was hoping."

Redskins Fullback Mike Sellers

On special teams practice:

"It's nice because we were rushed earlier in practice when we did special teams drills. This gives us a chance to go back and work on stuff that we might have messed up on earlier and we can concentrate on certain things a little more. I think it's going to benefit us in the long run."

On having to practice while other players have the afternoon off:

"I'm happy to be playing football. I got in playing special teams, so that's always something I'm going to be doing. It's not a chore for me; I enjoy it. The other guys get to rest and they deserve it. It is what it is."

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