Redskins Training Camp: Day 4

How has Colt Brennan been looking? How about Justin Tryon or Chad Rinehart? John reports on these guys and many more in this, his Day 4 Analysis.

...Jason Taylor worked on both sides of the line today, first lining up on the right side with Andre Carter on the left side. Clearly they'll use Taylor all over the place at times.

...Rookie tackle Chad Rinehart has looked very good. He handled Taylor for the most part this morning. Taylor is obviously not at peak form – one NFL source called him a slow-starter, for what it's worth – but Rinehart did a very nice job. He still sets up a little too upright for me, but his footwork is sound.

...Taylor did get inside Jon Jansen on one stunt. But Jansen has fared well against him thus far.

...Chris Wilson seems no different than last year. Rinehart handled him easily. My Favorite Rookie also drove out Carter on one play. He's playing exactly the way some draft experts told me he would.

...Pass of the day: Jason Campbell hitting Antwaan Randle El on a corner route in the end zone. Randle El dragged his feet inbounds to complete the 25-yard pass in this two-minute drill.

...I thought Demetric Evans looked bigger and sure enough he is, by about 10 pounds. Seems he followed Phillip Daniels' power-lifting routine and is clearly stronger. He's flashed as much as any lineman this camp.

...Shawn Springs picked off Derek Devine. Guessing that won't go in his trophy case.

...The more I see of Colt Brennan, the more I think he's several years away from contributing, if at all. His delivery needs fixing; he needs to bulk up; and he needs to make quicker decisions. Other than that ...

...But the rookie class has some promise. End Rob Jackson does something every so often to make you go, ‘'hmmmm.'' Today, he dropped into coverage and deflected a pass. At this stage, he's merely intriguing. But that's a little more than I anticipated.

...Rookie corner Justin Tryon, another guy with good potential, went stride for stride with Devin Thomas and broke up a deep pass. He later had good coverage on Billy McMullen, showing the ability to turn and run.

... London Fletcher's wife delivered their second child Tuesday morning; Cortland Steele Fletcher. How nice that a linebacker gives his son the name Steel(e). Fitting.

...Corner Matteral Richardson had nice coverage on Malcolm Kelly on a deep route. He ran with him, turned at the last moment and deflected the pass from Devine.

...At the end of practice, both sides of the ball picked a representative from among the linemen to field a punt. If they caught it, their sides of the ball would get an extra hour of curfew. Justin Geisinger went first and easily caught a high punt from Derrick Frost. Next came Ryan Boschetti, who actually moved to his left to catch a wobbly Durant Brooks punt. Boschetti then punted the ball away to cheers from his defensive mates.

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