Camp Day 5: They Said What?

Read what Jim Zorn, Fred Davis and Santana Moss had to say after the AM Practice Session today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn On Devin Thomas:

"I guess when he came down off of that long throw he pulled his hamstring. We don't know the extent of it, but he's got a bit of a hamstring pull. After we evaluate it, we can figure out what it means for him as far as getting back out on the field. We'll get it calmed down, get it iced, evaluate it and get the diagnosis. Fortunately it's just a pulled muscle and there's no structural damage, so he'll be back soon."

On running back Ladell Betts:

"I see him playing a lot. I see him complimenting what Clinton [Portis] does. I see us even having the opportunity to use both Clinton and Ladell at times. I look at Ladell and Clinton as good zone runners and excellent pass blockers. They do a really nice job in pass patterns."

On all of the media attention surrounding Jason Taylor:

"It doesn't distract me and I don't think it distracts anyone else either. It's a big thing to have Jason Taylor, a 12-year veteran, come here and become a part of our program. As the initial excitement moves on, we'll all get to work and get going."

On safety LaRon Landry:

"Well, I'm a fortunate man to have LaRon Landry on my side now because he's very versatile. He sort of distorts reads at times because he appears like he's in a position like other DBs, but once he reacts and responds he actually makes up more ground than most other defenders that I've been around. He makes what might be a big play into a batted ball or an interception. He's very skilled."

On veteran receiver Billy McMullen:

"He's good and he's fast. He understands more than one position and that's a real asset. I think the more that he's been in the league the more he understands what it takes to stick.He's competing hard and doing very well."

On rookie receivers Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas:

"We're all impressed with what Malcolm is doing because he's been very mellow. He's not a big voice, but he makes a statement when he's on the field. I think the thing that has really helped both of them is that they've done a really nice job concentrating on one position and their responsibilities and that's really making a difference in how fast they're progressing."

On veteran linebacker London Fletcher:

"What I like about London is that he totally enjoys the game and when he's on the field he is a football player. What I mean by that is he has this knack of turning this grit on, and he just pulls everybody up with him. He is a big man when it comes to his attitude about playing the game, and I think our players really respect him and respond to him."

Redskins Tight End Fred Davis

On if tight end Chris Cooley has given him advice:

"He tells me stuff if he sees me doing something [wrong] that I can make myself better at and try do a block better or run routes, just anything he sees. It definitely helps."

On if he thinks he will be heavily involved with the offense:

"I think there is going to be a lot of passing around to everybody. In this offense, anybody can get the ball."

On if he has had any rookie hazing:

"There hasn't been too much. I was supposed to sing but I didn't sing. They have been okay to me, except if you want to take a shower, they make you wait or if you are on the bus you have to move. Other than that, it is hasn't been too bad."

Redskins Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On what type of impact he hopes to have in the offense:

"As a receiver you hope to have an impact in any offense. With that said, you have a lot of opportunities in this offense. Opportunities come and go so you have to take advantage of them when they come. With the wide open spread [offense] and the receivers we can have on the field at times, it should take all the pressure off me individually. No matter who you are, you are going to have a chance to make a big play."

On Devin Thomas being injured during practice:

"I just saw him fall; I don't really know what happened. I am just praying and hoping that he can bounce back."

On the difference among the offense over the last three seasons:

"In 2006 and 2007 the offense was totally different from 2005. Opportunities changed a lot. In 2005 I was in the slot, I was an X [receiver], I was a Z [receiver]. Once we brought more receivers in and changed the offense up, I stayed in one position."

On whether he thinks he is the Redskins' top receiver:

"I don't go into this thing saying I am the number one man. I feel like that is given to you by your coaching staff and your team. I am out here to do my job and whatever they call me number one, two, three, four, or five, it doesn't make me less than the other guys. I feel like if we go out their and work as a corp, we can all be number one."

On how the team is adapting to the west coast offense:

"I am happy with it. I think that we are making progress. It is going to be one of those things that we are going to get better with. In training camp you have two practices, a morning and an afternoon, so you have time to try something different or go over some of the stuff that you didn't do well in the first practice. I feel that as long as we progress every week, every day we should be able to be better. It is looking good right now. [Coach Zorn] is giving us enough to really take advantage of. He is not giving us the whole thing and saying go out there and know everything."

On Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas:

"Malcolm and Devin are guys that look like they have been here before. They are not guys that are just thrilled to be here. You get some guys that are just happy to make it to this level. These guys have been working hard since day one, since they have been out here and they look like real good talents. I talk to Malcolm a lot and tell him he reminds me of Andre Johnson."

On trying to help the rookie receivers:

"I feel like I don't have too, but I feel like I should. My first year in the league I had Laveranues [Coles] and Wayne Chrebet and those guys were everything for me. Anything I didn't do right or anything I was doing too much of, they made sure they told me about it. That is stuff I do now. We are all helping. You see [Antwaan] Randle El, you see James Thrash. Everyone has to help these young guys because we have seen it and have been through it."

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