Practice Report

Redskins players are ticked at coach Steve Spurrier for his handling of long snapper Ethan Albright. They don't like that he singled out Albright on the blocked field goal attempt. Turns out Albright did nothing wrong, yet Spurrier seemed to blame him for the miss in his postgame press conference.

No apologies have been issued, a fact that players have noticed. Maybe that's why when they watched a replay of the loss, at least 20 players said, at various points, ''Good snap, Ethan!''

Another player told a reporter he didn't want to point fingers ''at a coach who is pointing fingers.''

. . . Running back Stephen Davis remains frustrated about his role. As end Bruce Smith was finishing an interview, Davis whispered in a reporter's ear: ''Ask him if we should run the ball more.''

Many players have wondered what is going on with the playcalling. You're right if think the players, at least some, have lost confidence in Spurrier's playcalling.

This is not a happy team. They need a win as badly as they did last year when they were 0-5.

. . . Danny Wuerffel will start against St. Louis, but we're guessing this is a short experiment. Spurrier has long wanted to get Wuerffel in the lineup and wants to find out what he can do. We're guessing Patrick Ramsey will be in the lineup for all of December.

As for Ramsey, he said he's noticed how the game has slowed down since his two-game starting stint. Ramsey said he's able to run more plays, too.

. . . Sam Shade is concerned for his future after going on IR with a herniated disk in his neck. A team source said sounded optimistic that Shade could play again, but nothing will be certain until January.

Also, with a cap figure of approximately $2 million next year, the only certainty is that he won't be in Washington.

. . . Daryl Gardener did not practice, but it was just a day of rest. Same with Smith. Brenden Stai practiced, but is not expected to play. Alex Sulfsted worked with the first unit at left guard, as expected. Tight end Walter Rasby is listed as doubtful for Sunday with an abdominal strain. But he said he's feeling much better than he did on Monday and lists himself as 50-50.

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