Redskins Training Camp: Day 7

Just how many people showed up to the intra-squad scrimmage and Fan Appreciation Day? A new record was set at 28,000, and thus, traffic was brutal.

...We'd love to tell you how well the Redskins looked in the scrimmage... and who made great plays ... or who stunk.. But we can't. Why? Because we were stuck in traffic for, oh, two hours trying to get into Redskins Park. What a boondoggle.

We did manage to get in for the last part, after sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for approximately four miles. A drive that normally takes 20 minutes – tops -- took one hour, 55 minutes.

So the story of the day was 28,000 fans showing up to attend the intra-squad scrimmage, causing elongated traffic delays for thousands.

"There were some people here at 5 o'clock," Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell said. "I was just rolling over at that time."

Another 5,000, according to one security guard, were turned away. As you can imagine, not all were happy to sit through a horrendous backup for 90 minutes only to be told they can't get in. And when some did get in, they saw nothing because the Redskins ended the scrimmage 45 minutes early.

It's too bad they don't have a place to play where they could accommodate big crowds. You know, maybe some place in Maryland across the street from a dilapidated mall.

...Of course, that says something about how anxious the fans are for football. Had the Nationals played a home game to day, the Redskins intra-squad scrimmage would have outdrawn them. Think about that.

...Defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery broke a bone in his right hand, though it's uncertain how much time he'll miss. He'll likely play with a club on his right hand as protection.

...That said, we did see Todd Collins step up and hit receiver Billy McMullen down the right side for a 43-yard pass. McMullen made a nice grab on the play. Alas, a false start wiped out the penalty.

...Durant Brooks punted pretty well in his first real action.

...Campbell ran for an eight-yard touchdown and also threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Todd Yoder. I'd love to tell you how each play looked, but I was on my 300th curse word of the day instead as my car devoured gasoline while going nowhere.

...The defense is clearly ahead of the offense, as is to be expected. Defensive tackle Kedric Golston recorded two sacks while Lorenzo Alexander, Matthias Askew and Kevin Huntley each had one.

...The only offensive starters who did not play were left tackle Chris Samuels and running back Clinton Portis. Ladell Betts did not play either. Defensively, the only starters who did play were linebacker Marcus Washington, safety Reed Doughty and Montgomery.

...Linebacker Matt Sinclair hurt his shoulder, but there's no official diagnosis yet.

...The emphasis was on the passing game as the Redskins attempted 48 passes and ran th e ball 14 times. You know what Steve Spurrier would call those numbers? Perfection.

...Campbell completed 15 of 22 passes for 122 yards and a touchdown. Todd Collins was 8 of 13 for 52 yards and an interception; Colt Brennan was 4 of 7 for 22 yards and Derek Devine was 2 of 6 for 14 yards.

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