Redskins Training Camp: Day 8

How long will Anthony Montgomery be out? How did Justin Tryon do one on one with Santana Moss? Is Jon Jansen having a good week? How does Casey Rabach entertain his children? It's all right here...

...Anthony Montgomery will miss two to four weeks, he said, with a broken bone in his right hand. He'll also have to wear a padded club on his hand, making it look as if he's wearing a huge boxing glove. Monty was having a solid camp, but nothing spectacular. I'm curious to see how Kedric Golston fares in his absence. Maybe it's a chance for him to win back his starting job.

...Ten players sat out practice today, a real problem given the 80-man roster limit. Makes it hard on players who remain to get adequate breaks in practice.

...Jon Jansen says he's having his best camp in a long time. Casey Rabach and Joe Bugel agree with him. I'll say this: the past two years Jansen would struggle for the first two weeks of camp. He might not look like a Pro Bowler, but he's not struggling by any means. Still am curious to see how quick he is getting out on screens or getting to the second level on stretch runs. But he's starting stronger.

...Want a cool scene from camp? Rabach greeting his 3-year-old daughter and 15-month old son outside the locker room; giving them kisses, talking in a soft voice and answering his daughter's question of, "Why are you so sweaty?" Then telling them he had to go back to work. Being around these guys every day, I know that they're "real" people. But it's still fun to hear a 300-pound offensive lineman react the same way most people would. Oh, and later, he played a makeshift game of football with his daughter, half-running around her and causing her to laugh. Like I said, a nice scene.

...Reed Doughty made a nice interception today and he did so by reading the eyes of quarterback Derek Devine. That's a good veteran move.

...Justin Tryon had Santana Moss covered on one route during 11 on 11. Moss tried to go in, but Tryon was there and by the time he tried to break back out the quarterback looked elsewhere. But Tryon didn't get too comfy with himself. One play later, Moss broke wide and was open by about five yards.

...Shawn Springs also made a nice interception (is there any other kind?). Just stepped in front of the receiver and picked it off.

...The Redskins say they were expecting only 14,000 people, based on the number of requested printouts of tickets on their website. So the walk-up crowd – a legit term considering many walked up from more than a mile away – was stunning to them.

...One last word on it: My mind still boggles over what happened Saturday. Not the traffic fiasco; that was a Redskins/Loudoun County police thing. But the fact that so many people showed up. Does that stem from a genuine excitement for the season? Not sure I would have guessed that considering the risk they took with Jim Zorn and the fact that Joe Gibbs left.

Maybe people were more ready for a change than they realized.

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