Redskins Training Camp: Day 9

John Keim reports on his observations from the Redskins' ninth day of Training Camp under Jim Zorn. Curious how the QB's looked today? How about how some of the OL guys are looking? It's all here.

...Defensive coordinator Greg Blache seems like he's trying to keep the fire lit under Anthony Montgomery. He's going to miss two to four weeks with the broken bone in his hand, but even before then Blache was making sure he knew he had competition for his starting job.

...Blache made it clear that Kedric Golston can win the position and that Golston "is on Monty's tail." Blache claims Golston would have started had the Redskins advanced past Seattle in last year's playoff. Not sure about that, but there's no doubt he doesn't ever want Montgomery to feel content. That's what caused Monty to tumble to the fifth round out of Minnesota.

...Blache also made it clear that Reed Doughty will start opposite LaRon Landry. Never thought that was really in doubt considering the Redskins want Landry at free safety. Stuart Schweigart is a free safety only. So there was no one to challenge Doughty at the strong safety spot.

...If you haven't checked out the Chris Samuels cake-in-the-face video, go to to watch. Samuels' birthday was today and his linemates serenaded him by singing Happy Birthday. They also gave him a cake with a picture of a seal on it. Stephon Heyer claims Samuels looks like the singer Seal.

...Anyway, after a bit Randy Thomas came back out, snuck up to the podium where Samuels was answering questions, picked up the cake and slammed it in his face. Samuels was fantastic about it, laughing the whole time. Others would not have been so fun-loving. There's a strong bond among the linemen. Both lines actually.

...The Redskins had a special teams workout this afternoon. Didn't do much other than work on lane assignments and other fundamentals. No punting battles. And I don't put much stock anymore in the punting work during practice. Games are what matter most.

...Todd Collins continues to struggle a bit. Teammates and coaches say it's simply a matter of him working with backups and facing starters.

...All the quarterbacks, except for Collins, and corner Fred Smoot ran about 12 40-yard dashes after practice.

...Ethan Albright's young daughter walked to the locker room wearing his shoulder pads and helmet. Probably needed a bath after that walk.

...Jason Campbell looked rather sharp today. He's winging it downfield with no worries. It helps that he's facing backups, but Campbell looks like he's feeling comfy in this offense. But he never worried about the change; after all, this is what he ran his senior year at Auburn.

Campbell hit Horace Grant in stride for one deep pass down the left sideline, a couple plays after hitting Maurice Mann down the right seam.

...Joe Bugel got on Tavares Washington after one false start, asking him – and we know this because it was easy to read lips from the sideline – "What the [bleep] are you doing!"

...Todd Wade jumped on the next play – the Redskins were working on a hard count. After that both sides of the ball came together and coach Jim Zorn implored them to have more focus. The practice was much sharper thereafter.

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