Redskins Training Camp: Day 12

How is Jon Jansen looking going against Jason Taylor? Is Campbell still playing well? How is Marcus Washington looking? All this and more right here...

...Jon Jansen is having a solid camp, but there was a difference watching him go against Jason Taylor and Chris Samuels go against him. Jansen was with him until Taylor turned the corner, then Jansen had to lunge. Samuels stayed with Taylor the whole time. But the past couple summers, Jansen would have been beaten much earlier.

...Ryan Boschetti bull-rushed Jason Fabini with great success.

...Tavares Washington did a nice job in the one-on-one drills.

...Joe Bugel got on Devin Clark in the one-on-one drills, shouting at him after one stint vs. Robert Jackson: ‘'Don't give me that one-arm bull [expletive]! Put two hands on him!'' Clark didn't' fare much better the next time. Jackson then got his teaching point from DL coach John Palermo, who told him, ‘'Keep your eyes up! You went down because your head went down!'' There was a difference in the intensity with which the coaches made the statements. Buges really got on Clark.

...Another time, OL Chad Rinehart did a nice job vs. Kevin Huntley, who tried unsuccessfully to spin inside him to get in the backfield. ‘'There you go! Nice eyes! You knew exactly where he was going to go!'' Buges told him.

...Marcus Washington is practicing with great energy again. He's the same ol' Marcus, which means infectious energy. Looks good so far.

...QB Jason Campbell hit Todd Yoder on a deep out. Yoder easily beat Vernon Fox.

...Campbell later hit Antwaan Randle El on a corner route for a 20-yard touchdown. It came in a competition in which the offense could get off the field as soon as they scored. They scored on the first play.

...Carlos Rogers continues to take reps in the 11-on-11 drills. Honestly, it's hard to tell right now where he's off because he looks good. But he needs to play in a game to truly measure where he's at in his recovery.

...Coach Jim Zorn spent a minute after one play talking to Santana Moss about how he wanted a route run. Later, Zorn talked to LaRon Landry as they walked off the field about the second-year safety remaining patient with his injury. Still no timetable for Landry's return.

...The Redskins leave for Canton on Saturday. The players will not attend the induction ceremonies, instead going straight to meetings. However, the rookies will head to Canton for a tour as soon as they land.

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