Redskins Report

Tight end Walter Rasby didn't practice Thursday, yet coach Steve Spurrier said today he's optimistic that Rasby will play against the Rams on Sunday. Spurrier said Rasby has gone from doubtful to questionable.

Considering he's a key blocker in the running game, that's good news. Rasby has an abdominal strain, but said it felt much better Wednesday than it did on Monday.

. . . Guard Brenden Stai has returned to practice, but there's still no word when he'll be ready to play again.

. . . Long snapper Ethan Albright, at the heart of a semi-controversy, isn't about to bail on his coach. Or his team. He's seen this situation before, like last season.

''The biggest frustration is that we're not winning,'' Albright said. ''A couple of wins would solve any frustration that we have. Last year we started out 0-5 and we heard all the comments, 'Man, [coach] Marty [Schottenheimer] is doing this wrong. Marty's doing this wrong.' All of a sudden we won a few games and Marty was great.

''This will be the same thing. If we win a couple of games, everything will be fine.''

. . . Fans love to know about the mood of the team and how they've responded to a tough loss. On Monday, the players were very down. By Wednesday, however, things had returned to normal. Today, a handful of players, including Ifeanyi Ohalete and Jeremiah Trotter, sat at a table and played Dominos. That's the favored game this season.

. . . Because it rained here today, punter Bryan Barker couldn't test his sprained left ankle. Spurrier still expects him to punt Sunday, but just in case they have Craig Jarrett on the practice squad. Barker will test his ankle today.

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