Hits and Misses

Here are the highlights and lowlights from the Redskins 30-16 win over Indianapolis in the preseason opener Sunday night. Also, how was Dan Snyder after the game in the locker room? Which current starter is one of Colt Brennan's biggest fan's? It's all right here...


...Jason Campbell connecting with Antwaan Randle El for a 20-yard touchdown on the game's third play. The outside receiver, Santana Moss, cleared out the corner and froze the safety allowing slotman Randle El to run an easy corner route. The Redskins have run that play almost to perfection in practice, so it was no surprise to see it work in a game.

...Quarterback Colt Brennan showed an awful lot last night. Let's not get carried away and proclaim him anything, but suffice to say he had a strong debut. Brennan showed accuracy and good decision-making. One time he held the ball too long – about five seconds -- and got hit. That's on him. But he threw a pretty corner pass to Maurice Mann for a touchdown, tying the game at 16. And he improvised nicely under pressure on a 5-yard touchdown pass to running back Marcus Mason.

...I like Mason; always have. He hits the hole very hard and when he cuts he's always moving forward. He showed that Sunday night.

...Corner Leigh Torrence showed unbelievable closing speed to defend one quick out and prevent a first down.

...Rookie End Robert Jackson had a first-half sack and for the most part did a good job, though he did get driven downfield a few times. In practices, he's shown enough to get more looks. That's what he did last night.

...Rookie Chad Rinehart seemed to do an OK job at left guard and later left tackle. Left guard is a better spot for him than outside; he seems to work well in traffic.

...Safety Chris Horton did a nice job blitzing off the edge, but did so unobstructed. Give him credit for being able to drag down a hefty QB in Jared Lorenzen.


...Todd Wade suffered a high ankle sprain, which means he could miss a while. We didn't know the severity of it last night, but typically they're 6-8 week injuries. Unless, that is, it's a mild one.

...Reserve left tackle Stephon Heyer was terrible in pass protection. Looked like what he is: a former rookie free agent. Let his man get into his chest and was not just beaten but destroyed on three occasions. His run blocking was much better; saw him driving his man downfield at times. Not sure that he's a future starter; certainly not at left tackle.

...Kicker Shaun Suisham missed a 39-yard field goal. He has not looked sharp in practice, so that certainly wasn't a good sign. The Redskins have their fingers crossed on him. But his kickoffs were pretty good.

...The third-down defense was atrocious early, but considering the Redskins played minus 7 defensive starters that's to be expected. Good pass rushes help third-down defenses. They did not do a great job aga inst the run, either, but one reason is because of the linebacker's depth. They had to line up an extra yard downfield because of the Colts' passing attack and the desire to play cover-2. They played pass first and run second. The safeties at times were 17 yards deep, similar to coverages they played last year.

...Rookie corner Justin Tryon did not have the best debut. Did not look great as a returner – remember him boasting about getting to the 50 every time? And he was beaten a couple times in coverage. Looked like he needed more depth in one zone coverage and was flagged for interference another time. On the latter, his lack of size worked against him. But he had good coverage on a fourth-down incompletion thrown his way.

Other thoughts:

...Good debut for Jim Zorn; his offense looked sharp. Let's see how it progresses, but it was a good start.

...Owner Dan Snyder was excited afterward, keeping the locker room closed a few extra minutes than they're supposed to because there was a little more excitement than normal for a preseason win. He's always been that way; reacted similarly after a scrimmage win vs. Pittsburgh in his first season. Hey, he's enthusiastic.

...One player after another praised Brennan's poise in the pocket. Moss loves the kid; told him when he got here how he was a big fan of his. Gotta make a young kid feel good to hear that.

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