They Said What?

Here are some questions and answers with Jim Zorn, Gregg Blache and Jason Campbell after practice on August 6th, 2008.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the reason Chris Horton missed practice:

"He has a stomach virus, and we are giving him a day of rest.  He is on antibiotics and will play in the game.  We are just trying to get him rested."

On the injuries to Stephon Heyer and Todd Wade:

"It hurts and helps.  It hurts in that they can't get reps and we can't create unity amongst the second group.  It helps because we can put other guys in those positions, which allows them to realize the toughness needed to really play this game.  The guys that are taking their spots do not usually get more than just a few reps per day."

On his impressions of Antwaan Randle El:

"He has been outstanding and for a guy that has just come off surgery, he has a real hop in his step.  He is very lively and competitive.  What I like about our veteran receivers is that they think about how to be receivers in the assignment of the play.  It creates a great rhythm to the play because they are in-and-out of breaks.  He is doing an outstanding job of leading the way.

On whether more starters will receive playing time in the upcoming game:

"We are going to give a few more starters some reps.  I don't imagine I will give Jason Campbell more than possibly an additional series.  It will just be that a few more players will get playing time, in part because we have more guys healthy."

On whether Marcus Mason's vision contributed to his strong performance in the Hall of Fame Game:

"He has good vision, but what made him illusive in the game was his quick first step.  What I liked about what he did is when he saw no cut; he was fast through the hole.  When it was shut down and there was a wall, he was able to move, change directions, and start again.  It is his ability to start and stop and his desire that showed up this past weekend."

On what the college scouts were saying about Chris Horton leading up to drafting him:

"We liked his size and we thought he was a sleeper.  It was probably his speed that caused him to fall in the draft.  A player's on the field speed could be different than his 40-yard dash.  When you get a ball player, you become very excited."

On his feelings leading up to coaching his first game in FedEx Field:

"I am very excited about having a home game, although I felt like we had a home game in Canton.  There are no expectations other than having great fans and a great atmosphere.  What I expect of myself is that I am very prepared and having the players very prepared."

Redskins Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache

On defensive end Rob Jackson:

"Rob Jackson had a couple of good plays. He had a couple of bad plays.  When you do the math at the end of the day, he had a five yard sack and he had a five yard offsides penalty that cost us three points.  They got outside of him one time and cost us a touchdown.  At the end of the day, you guys see the one play, I see the 40 that he played and I have to grade all 40.  He had a couple [good plays] out of 40.  I'm not totally impressed right now.  He has to learn to play the game.  The game is 60 minutes long.  He has to learn to play the game more than just one or two plays, but all the plays because they all count.  Usually, just like the touchdown that we ended up giving up, when they got outside to contain on us, usually those plays beat you.  He is very raw.  That is why we were able to get him in the late rounds that we did."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On the Hall of Fame game:

"We made some plays offensively and defensively and moved the ball, but at the same time there are still a lot of things when you go back and watch film that we all need to improve on fundamentally and make things more sound.  That is how you continue to grow and that is how you continue to get better each week.  You don't get complacent about what we have done.  We still have to tune up for this preseason game and start tuning up for the regular season." 

On how much he will play this weekend:

"They haven't said how long we will play.  The one thing we have to do is just continue to stay focused.  It doesn't matter if we are in there a series, two series, a quarter, we have to approach it like it like it is a regular season game because the regular season is fast approaching.  For us to continue to build together with him [Head Coach Zorn], get used to him calling plays and get use to the verbiage on the sidelines the one thing we have to do is approach it like a real game."

On which young receivers have impressed him:

"There are a lot of guys out there competing.  Billy McMullen is making some plays.  Anthony Mix made some plays yesterday coming back from the injury.  There are just different guys that stand out sometimes.  Everyone is working hard and everyone is working to compete.  We understand there are a lot of players at that position so there are a lot of guys fighting to stay here."

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