Redskins Training Camp: August 6

How is Jason Taylor doing? How did the offense look this morning? How was Danny Smith's son helping at practice? All that and more is right here as John Keim updates on today's activity at Camp.

...Greg Blache has a way with words. Here's what he says about rookies:

"Rookies are fine and dandy. I'm glad to see them progressing, but I don't fall in love with rookies. You're better off falling in love with a stripper than a rookie because he'll break your heart. We'll get it some time and let them prove themselves worthy of it."

...Safety Chris Horton continues to impress, though the coaches say he had an uneven game, which I would agree with (I'm sure that makes them happy). Horton, though, showed enough to warrant more looks, which he will receive.

...Defensive end Rob Jackson made one big play, getting a sack. But Blache was not overly thrilled with the rest of his game. He lost contain on one touchdown run, had an offsides penalty and really did not do much of anything other than the one sack.

...Blache hates talking about sacks because he thinks reporters, and fans, focus way too much on them. He also thinks they can make a guy look like he had a good game when he might not have, based on the other 40 plays. He'd much rather focus on pressures.

...Kedric Golston continues to work with the first team defensive line ahead of Anthony Montgomery, who returned this week after missing a week with a broken hand. This job is very wide open.

...Marcus Washington continues to fly around making plays in practice, bumping chests with teammates after some plays. Said it before, but it's worth repeating: he's back to his old self.

...The O-linemen and D-linemen worked two-on-two today, with a focus on running, and blocking, stunts.

...The offense did not look very sharp in the morning practice. QB Jason Campbell threw way too often to the incorrect shoulder. But he did throw a very nice fade to Antwaan Randle El, putting it where only he could catch the ball.

...Fred Smoot dropped an interception, again, in practice which prompted Shawn Springs – who did not participate much today because of a strained Achilles – to laugh at him from across the field.

...Wrote a story that will appear in the DC Examiner tomorrow about how players love Jim Zorn's honesty. They're gushing about him, even in private. The more time I spend around Zorn, the more I think the Redskins got it right. Anyway, here's the link to my Cheers & Jeers page, which often features Redskins material:

...DE Jason Taylor returned to full workouts after a couple days of lesser activity (to give his legs a break).

...As Danny Smith watched the holders work, his son fed balls into a machine to simulate a snap. At one point his son said, "Can we get wings tonight?" To which his dad replied, with a smile, "I'm trying to hold onto my [job] and make a living and you're worrying about wings." To which his son said, "That living pays for my wings."

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