Half Time and Post Game Quotes: Aug 09, 2008

Here are some half time and post game quotes from Jim Zorn and various players.

Half Time Quotes:

Jim Zorn

On the quarterbacks:

"Jason [Campbell] was excellent. We wanted him to finish drives, and we felt that both quarterbacks [Campbell and Todd Collins] did that in the first half."

On the running backs:

"Clinton [Portis] and Ladell [Betts] were both very tough out there. They got some real good work in. I'm really happy with how they ran the ball. They were very physical and they made some big plays out there for us tonight."

On going for it on fourth down:

"We took a timeout because we wanted to give ourselves a chance to take a breath and make sure that we were all on the same page. We were very pleased to convert that fourth-and-one play."

On the turnover at the end of the half:

"We were trying to work the two-minute offense with Todd [Collins], but we made a mistake and put our defense in a bind and that's not what you want."

Jason Taylor

On getting his first reps with the Redskins:

"It's good. It's great to be in FedExField tonight. It was loud and there was a lot of excitement. I can't wait for the season to begin."

On how the team looks so far:

"I think we did alright. We held them to a field goal during the first drive, which is all you can ask. During the second drive, we got them off the field. We're going to get it done."

Clinton Portis

On getting into the end zone:

"It felt good. We sustained two good drives as an offense."

On getting his first reps in the preseason:

"It was good to be out there. I just wanted to go out there and perform well mentally. I just wanted to make sure that I got the right reads, picked up my assignments, ran the right routes, had the right depth and just got a feel for the game."

Jason Campbell

On the touchdown drive:

"It felt great for us as a team to move the ball that way. We continued to keep fighting and we persevered through all of those penalties, and I think that it shows the character and focus of this team. The guys never lost their focus. They continued to keep pressing, and we were able to continue to drive the ball."

On going for it on fourth down:

"That was big because it was something that we really wanted to do. It was great for Coach Zorn to go for that. It shows how much he trusts us to be able to get that [touchdown]."

Todd Collins

On the second-quarter touchdown drive:

"We did a good job. Billy McMullen made a good catch on a third-and-six play, which got us in a good rhythm. The running game worked well and we did a good job by finishing the drive."

On the interception he threw:

"It might have been misfired or there may have been a little confusion. We'll look at it on film."

Post Game Quotes:

Jim Zorn

On what he liked about the game:

"The starting unit had two good drives, both of which resulted in scores. I thought Jason Campbell was poised. I thought he tried to keep the tempo going. He kind of backed off on a third-and-two in which I felt like he should have driven the ball in, but he already knows that."

On the running game:

"I was very impressed with our running game. I was really excited that Clinton Portis came in. When you watch and you see the sudden moves he makes and his ability to move and then re-accelerate, you see what a special back he is. I didn't know that Ladell [Betts] was going to play as much as he did. He did a wonderful job too. We have two strong running backs there [with Betts and Portis]. Marcus Mason ended up getting like 88 yards with most of it on that last drive, which we really needed."

On what the team needs to work on:

"We had several three-and-outs, which I thought hurt us and hurt our field position. So we need to work on that in the future."

On injuries:

"Somebody stepped on Antwaan Randle El's wrist, and the x-rays came back negative. I'm not sure about the ribs of Anthony Mix, but they're sore. I don't know if he's had x-rays done yet. We kept Chris Horton out because that virus is still kind of keeping him down. I saw a heat pack on Fred Smoot, but he wanted to assure everybody that he's okay."

Jason Campbell

On running back Clinton Portis:

"We were excited to see him making plays, not only in the running game but he made some great plays in the passing game.  Clinton made some great blocks in the passing game.  He makes things happen when he is on the field."

On the touchdown drive:

"I was really proud of our guys because we were able to overcome some penalties and make some key third-down conversions.  It was important to score a touchdown.  It got us going early.  We wanted to set a certain tone and tempo.  We seemed to get a lot of different guys involved tonight."

Randy Thomas

On the success of the starting offense in the first two preseason games:

"It is just the preseason, but I think we are coming together.  When we were tired, everyone pulled together and made a play."

On winning back-to-back preseason games:

"It is good to get that feeling, it's a confidence booster.  I know Buffalo wanted to win that game."

On playing Brett Favre and the Jets next week:

"We are just trying to prepare.  As an offense, we just want to get better and score more.  We would like to score every time we are out there."

Clinton Portis

On winning the first two preseason games:

"It is great to go out and get the win because if you lose then it is a problem and a sign that things are not going to be alright.  To have the opportunity to go out and win keeps us in good faith.  It lets you guys (the media) pump us up and say good things about us."

On how comfortable the players are with the offense:

"I think we feel good.  Coach Z calls out the plays that are going to stand out in the game.  It is two weeks in a row that he called out a play that is going to stand out in the game, and he told us exactly what was going to happen (when we ran it).  When you get that excitement it is good for the team."

Andre Carter

On whether the Redskins are being ignored by the national media:

"All we can control is us.  When the time comes that we are successful, then everyone will see.  As of right now we just focus on the next game, which is in New York."

On winning the first two preseason games:

"It is great to win.  To have a little momentum is great.  We just want to take that and carry it over to the regular season."

On playing with linebacker/defensive end Jason Taylor:

"I think when it comes to the preseason, every individual has a certain goal.  When it comes to pass rushing, it takes a few series to see what your opponent is doing.  Since we are only playing two series you can't really get into a rhythm."

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