August 13th: They Said What?

See what Jim Zorn and Jason Taylor had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On linebacker/defensive end Jason Taylor returning to practice after missing the afternoon practice yesterday:

"That is what happens with plantar fasciitis, sometimes it's severe.  This is something that has been normal for him.  I think he has his problems in training camp with two practices a day.  He works very hard and he did today.  It is just a matter of how he can get it calmed down."

On the health of wide receiver Anthony Mix:

"He [Anthony Mix] wants to be out there in the worst way, but he can't even sneeze and feel good because of his cracked rib.  He just has to wait until the pain subsides and until he can tolerate being out there."

On whether cornerback Carlos Rogers will play against the Jets:

"If he [Carlos Rogers] does, it will just be minimal, but I would still like to wait.  I am not ruling him out, but I will know more tomorrow because we are going to work on our [line-up] and talk those things through.  It may just be a pregame deal were he gets ready and we shut him down."

On whether five preseason games are too many:

"It was for us because we didn't take as much time in the offseason.  We didn't have as many OTAs, so we used that first week as the rest of our offseason training program.  That part was good, plus we got to work against another team.  I think it helps the players to know that it is not an every year occurrence because it is hard, it does take its toll."

On the health of wide receiver Antwaan Randle El:

"He has a sore hamstring.  It is not a pull, it is just real sore.  These guys have been working overtime.  With all of our wide receiver injuries, are starters are starting to wear out."

Redskins Linebacker/Defensive End Jason Taylor

On being the big trade of training camp until Brett Farve got traded:

"That's fine.  I wish he had done it earlier.  It would have been an easier off season for me.  Brett's all the hype and all the talk right now and that's fine.  Now I can go back to work and just do what I do.

On chasing Brett Farve in a Jet's uniform:

"It'll be a lot different now for the both of us. I'm with the Skins now and he's with the Jets. Not that we played a lot against each other before but it will be different to see him out there. With all the hoopla and the media stuff going on around the game at the end of the day when I take it off it's still football and he's got to throw before I get there."

On how much playing time he will get this next game:

"I don't know. As a veteran you really don't want to play a whole lot, but last weekend we were playing the Bills, you play two series and it's time to come out. Once you get into it you want to play. So however many snaps I get, I want to make them great."

On how much more comfortable he is here now:

"Every day is another step. I'm not ingrained here yet. We're still in training camp, so I haven't had a chance to go anywhere and do anything, but I'm feeling a little more comfortable."

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