Redskins Training Camp: August 13

Smoot talking smack? Carlos Rogers will play on Saturday? How is Fred Davis looking? Devin Clark? It's all right here and more.

...The players will spend their last night in the NCC tonight; camp breaks after Thursday afternoon's practice.

...In the 11-on-11 drill, Casey Rabach did a nice job controlling Kedric Golston on the first run, driving him out of the hole on a run to the left.

...Pete Kendall got to the second level on one run, but whiffed on his attempt to block linebacker Marcus Washington who then made the tackle. Have I said enough how Washington looks like his old self?

...Lorenzo Alexander grabbed his knee as he lay on the ground after one play; he limped off and should be OK.

...Carlos Rogers MIGHT play Saturday, but most likely they'll have him warm up and then sit out and wait until the Carolina game.

...The offense struggled to get a play off on one occasion, forcing them to call time. To which Smoot barked out, "You're burning daylight! We got a practice going here!" It was 9:35 a.m.

...On the next play, Smoot picked off Colt Brennan. Yes, chatter followed.

..When the first offense went against the first defense in a two-minute drill, the first two plays went like this: Taylor sack; Cornelius Griffin bat down of a pass.

...Tackle Devin Clark drove Chris Wilson back several yards on one run. Clark has done a decent job in camp.

...Fred Davis dropped another pass. Seems to happen all the time. This time, Brennan hit him with a good toss, but Davis turned his eyes upfield too soon.

...Anthony Montgomery still plays too high for my liking. I like Monty, but he needs to be more consistent with staying lower.

...James Thrash made a nice grab of a Brennan toss in the back of the end zone, surrounded by safeties. Jim Zorn has already said numerous times that Thrash will have a good role in the passing game this year. Every other coach who's had him has said the same thing. We'll see. But it's hard not to notice him; the man has one speed. Plus he's a wideout who will block linebackers and defensive ends. He did so against London Fletcher the other day.

...Brennan and Devin Thomas hooked up for a slant pass today. Thomas made a nice grab on the play.

"Great catch! Great throw! Zorn said. He then said to Thomas as he walked past, "That was a big-time play."

...Some players do talk about the Olympics. Today, Marcus Washington, Andre Carter, Babatunde Oshinowo and coach Steve Jackson chatted about different events. Carter and Washington then got up and mimicked a curling event.

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