Redskins Training Camp: August 14

Horton practicing with the 1st stringers? Rogers and McIntosh playing in two days? Rinehart better suited for Guard? Is Todd Collins improving in this offense? All this and more, right here...

...Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh will play against the Jets Saturday night, coach Jim Zorn said. Rogers can't wait, calling it more than just an exhibition game. We don't know what Rocky thought; despite five minutes of prodding by the PR director, McIntosh wouldn't talk. Says he didn't want to jinx himself by saying anything about it until after he played. Odd guy.

...Rogers really has looked good in practice, so it'll be interesting to see how that translates to the game.

...The Redskins broke camp today, with two short practices. They went for only one hour this afternoon after a 90-minute workout this morning (which is typical). They aren't done with the pads, however. Coach Jim Zorn said they'll continue to work in full pads on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the season.

...The Redskins did not work in full pads at all today. In fact, they went without any pads this morning, yet they ran drills made for full contact. That did not please Zorn, who second-guessed his own decision. Actually beat himself up a bit over it.

...Todd Collins is finding a better rhythm with the wideouts, looking much better than he did earlier in camp. He lofted a pretty pass to Burl Toler over Chris Horton this morning. He also hit Fred Davis against Horton; Davis made a nice grab. Collins stayed after practice both sessions to work on20two-minute drill stuff, using Derek Devine as a receiver.

...Devine will play some Saturday night. He's lucky the Redskins have five preseason games; it'll give him a chance to get on tape for another team.

...Anthony Montgomery has smaller padding on his right hand, giving him a better ability to use that hand. He could barely grab with the hand last week.

...I wonder what the fate of backup linebacker Matt Sinclair will be. He's tough and works hard, but he's in intense competition with the other backup LBs. They seem to really like Rian Wallace and they already like Khary Campbell and H.B. Blades for their teams work if nothing else. But they don't have a backup who could really play for a long stretch of time.

...Horton worked a little bit with the first unit. Not sure what to read into that, but the guess is he'll get some action against the Jets top guys just to see how he handles it.

...The summer gets easier for everyone after today. For all involved in camp – players, coaches, PR staff and even the beat writers – you get to see your family a lot again.

...Chad Rinehart has looked pretty good at tackle, but those in the know say he still seems more suited to guard.

...The guy to keep an eye on Saturday is Devin Clark, who has looked good during one-on-one drills and in the game. He's a bit undersized at tackle, but he has produced.

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