August 18th: They Said What?

Want to know what the players were saying today? Cick here as we have quotes from Jim Zorn, Jason Goode, Marcus Mason, Rock Cartwright, Justin Geisinger, Rocky McIntosh, Malcolm Kelly, Jon Jansen, Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the return of offensive line coach Joe Bugel:

"It's good to have him back. He's been through a rough week and a half. Actually, his fight is still not over for his daughter."

On linebackers Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers:

"I really was (happy with what I saw). I think (Carlos Rogers) felt very comfortable, which was really good to see. You saw some suddenness from him and his ability to react to the play in front of him. Rocky stepped right up there and took people on. I don't think he shied away from anything."

On preparing for the upcoming game versus the Carolina Panthers:

"Today we didn't work on anything necessarily for the game. We just reviewed our past game. We exercised some of the things we're thinking about, but nothing is etched in stone. They worked hard. Tomorrow is our first day to bring them in and do a base game plan for the next opponent. The energy level should rise up. These guys are pros, so they know how to prepare."

On tackle Todd Wade:

"Well the injuries don't help him necessarily, but I wouldn't put him behind the eight ball. I would just wait to see how this thing plays out. We're not overly abundant with veteran offensive linemen, so he's a veteran and we may need him. He just has to get himself back and hopefully he'll be able to play in that last (pre-season) game against Jacksonville."

On Rock Cartwright's performance against the Jets:

"Well we would never downplay what he did. A 70-yard run is a 70-yard run, and it wasn't one of those deals where he broke through the line. He had to really have great vision to get through the mess that was in there. To me it doesn't matter that he didn't get into the end zone, all that matters is that he got the yardage that he did to put us on the 10 yard line.  If he was disappointed in his play, I didn't see that but maybe there was a decision there that he would like to have back. Those are the things that really get to a player and kind of ruin their whole game if you make one mistake, and he wants to be the best at what he does."

On the offensive line:

"I think (Jon Jansen) did ok. Again, it's a matter of consistency. They only had 17 plays, and so we'll get a chance to see them more this week. It's that concentration level over a long period of time and having that great pass set every play not for just 15 or 16 plays, so this will be a real test for these guys to come out and be consistent. (Jansen) is improving and he's becoming more comfortable with the group. Randy Thomas had to go out a little bit sooner than we wanted him to because of the muscle in his leg, but we've just got to keep them working. This will be a great opportunity for us to go against an outstanding defense."

On the wide receivers:

"I think they're all getting to know each other. Even out here, each and every practice the receivers are figuring more and more ways to be efficient, to take a step and go full speed. I think what they realize is that when they do they're getting open and they're getting the ball. As they see the results, they continue that high level of output on every play. They're getting better and better."

Redskins Tight End Jason Goode

On his toe injury:

"It's nothing big. I just suffered a little sprain, what they call a turf toe. The diagnosis is a little vague right now. It might take about a week or so [to heal], but it's all up in the air right now. It's just one of those things you have to deal with. I'm just hoping and praying for a speedy recovery, so I can get back out there and help the team win."

On catching the game-winning TD against the Jets:

"It's been kind of a shock for me. The idea of it hasn't quite settled in yet. I've just been trying to keep up with the process of the day, learn the plays and get ready for Carolina."

On getting ready for the upcoming game against the Carolina Panthers:

"The priority is always health. I want to make sure that my foot is ok and I want to get it healed up the best way and the quickest way possible. I want to go out there and do the best that I can, and at the same time prepare for Carolina and their defense. We're working hard everyday to learn what [the Panthers] do on defense and what we can do to improve our techniques and skills as well."

On trying to earn a roster spot:

"I feel as though I just need to go out there everyday and give it all I've got. I have complete trust in the coaches, and they'll make the right decisions and the necessary decisions that they need to. On my part, I need to go out there and give it 100 percent, stay consistent and work on my techniques. Hopefully it will all work out for the best."

Redskins Running Back Marcus Mason

On his performance:

"I feel good. I'm just trying to have fun right now. Last year it was hard for me because I was a little star-struck. Now I'm comfortable and just ready to have fun."

On playing against second and third-string defenses:

"I come out and practice everyday against one of the best defenses in the league, so that helps us as a second-string offense or whatever going against other second-string defenses. Going against those guys in practice everyday prepares us really well for other teams."

On earning a spot on the roster:

"My goal is to play somewhere, but I really want to be here. I love the players and I love the coaching staff, and I can't see myself anywhere else."

On special teams:

"I've made a couple tackles this year and I've made blocks and a few other things that I didn't do last year. I didn't make any tackles last year and I missed a couple blocks last year, but now I think I'm getting it."

Redskins Running Back Rock Cartwright

On his performance against the Jets:

"The big run was the only positive thing in the game. I missed a lot of reads and I could have made a lot more yards out there. The big run was fine, but I would rather be 100 percent. There were a lot of things I could have done better out there, but it was a decent run for us and a good thing for me to put on tape. I hope I get the opportunity to bust some more like that."

On what the team needs to improve heading into the season:

"We need to execute better, we need to finish drives, we need better technique and we've got to put points on the board. If you don't put points on the board, you're going to lose football games. Winning the game in the NFL is tough to begin with, so getting a win is a positive. We'll just take [the game against the Jets] as a learning experience and try to get better. I think we can do better and correct our mistakes."

On helping the younger players:

"There is always somebody out there trying to get your position and take your job so you can never relax in this business, but I'm all for the team. If I can help a guy that's going to help us win football games, then that's what I'm going to do. Marcus [Mason] is doing a great job right now and I'm happy to help him out if I can. [When I was a rookie], Stephen Davis kind of took me under his wing and showed me what to do and what not to do and how to practice as a pro. I was fortunate to come in here with a good group of veterans that took me under their wing."

On special teams:

"In this offense with the two backs (Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts) we have you're never going to get a carry. The only way to get on the field is special teams and I take pride in that and Marcus [Mason] is doing the same right now. It's a positive thing. I'm not really worried about carrying the ball right now."

Redskins Tackle Justin Geisinger

On his injury:

"It's not too serious of an injury. I think my leg got caught up in a defensive lineman or something, but it's not a big deal. It's just a minor setback and hopefully I'll be practicing this week and I'll be back against Carolina. I tried to give it a go against the Jets last week, and I just felt like I needed a little bit more rest. I feel like [my leg] is getting stronger and I'll be able to go."

On trying to earn a roster spot despite the setback:

"[The injury] is unfortunate, but these things happen. It's a physical game and unfortunately sometimes injuries do occur. I feel like I'm a fast healer and I haven't had a big history of injuries in the past, so hopefully I'll be back at it this week. I'm just looking forward to getting back out there on the practice field today and moving it around a little bit."

On offensive line coach Joe Bugel's return:

"It's just great to have him back. He's a big part of the family here. It's great to have him back and have his guidance and have him back coaching us on the field. I know he's excited to be back. There is a lot of technique work we need to do and some things we need to correct from this past game, so it's great to have him to help us get back on track."

On the upcoming pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers:

"There are only so many opportunities for guys to show they belong. Fortunately we had the opportunity of playing in the Hall of Fame Game (a fifth pre-season game). I'm just looking forward to getting back on the practice field this week. I wasn't able to get as much playing time during this past game, but I'm looking forward to getting out there and showing what I can do."

Redskins Linebacker Rocky McIntosh

On recovering from knee surgery:

"Just being out there you have to play full speed, so that's what I'm going to do no matter how I feel or what point I'm at. As soon you step between those white lines it's either hit or be hit, and I don't want to be hit. I'm just going with the flow, coming out here and practicing, getting the run around and things like that. I want to come out here and play like everyone else."

On what to expect from him this season:

"Every year is a new year and I want to continue to go out there and make plays. I want to keep up with London (Fletcher) and Marcus (Washington)."

Redskins Wide Receiver Malcolm Kelly

On possibly playing this weekend against the Carolina Panthers:

"You know the way I felt today, it could be a possibility. It'll just have to be a game day decision. I ran for the first time yesterday and I wasn't even doing nearly as much as I was doing today. We'll just have to see (on Saturday).

On what he worked on in practice:

"I went through all the routes and things like that. I was working at half to three-quarter speed. I didn't open it all the way up. I was trying to see how much I could do."

Redskins Offensive Lineman Jon Jansen

On how important it is to win in the pre-season:

"We've been in this position before, but on the other side. We told ourselves that it wasn't important to win a pre-season (game) and all trying to make the best of it at that point, but being 3-0 feels better than 2-1.  Being able to score as an offense and just getting the rhythm of a game and learning how to win is really important. It's huge going into the regular season knowing that we have won some games."

On having offensive line coach Joe Bugel back:

"Whenever a family member goes through something like that, and Joe is part of the Redskins family, it's hard to see someone struggle through that. Now that I have kids of my own and daughters specifically, nobody should have to go through that. If there is anything we can do, we want to make ourselves available to Joe and his family. There's no replacement for Joe."

Redskins Cornerback Carlos Rogers

On interacting with the team and being back from the hospital:

"I was able to walk around, see the game and talk to some of the guys. It is kind of hard because you want to be out there, not staying in a hospital bed, with rehab and the pain. I'm just glad to be back out here."

On how he is feeling being back from his injury:

"I'm trying to be the best I can. The sleeve is holding me back. If it's going to swell up, it's going to swell up with or without the sleeve. If I get hit on, the sleeve won't stop me from getting hit.  I'm going out there like nothing happened."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On being pleased with the game last Saturday:

"It was an ugly win, but at the same time a win is a win. You have to take them all as they come. It's all about going out there, playing and having fun. There were a lot of positive things and a couple of a things we could have hit, but that's part of pre-season."

On being impressed with what Marcus Mason has done:

"He's an exciting young player. He has a great running ability and a great feel for the game. He works hard every day at practice. I was glad to see him out there with the chance to make a name for himself out on the football field. I'd say the guys in front of him did a great job opening up some holes for him and that's what it's all about. I was proud of our running game. It puts defense on their heels."

On what he has to do for the upcoming game against the Panthers:

"Everyone always thinks that this is a dress rehearsal but we have to approach this as a regular season game. No matter how long we are playing you have to go out there and fight and stay in the game. We are playing against a tremendous defense, so it's definitely a challenge. To get ready to go we have to press on through the pre-season."

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