Redskins Training Camp: August 18th

Malcolm Kelly could play this weekend? Who will start opposite Griffin? Why not Alexander? Frost a better holder than Brooks? All this and more, righ there...

...Joe Bugel was back today after missing a week to be with his daughter Holly, who has a rare form of bone cancer. Saw Buges yesterday and he looked every bit like a dad enduring a horrible time. Such a good guy.

...A good sign for the Redskins: Malcolm Kelly ran routes on a separate practice field while his teammates worked nearby. That's a good step in Kelly's return from arthroscopic knee surgery. There's some hope he could play Saturday, but not sure how likely that is right now.

...And good news for Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers. Both of them played Saturday and reported no problems with their knees the next day; both practiced today.

...Not many people were surprised by what happened with Joe Gibbs racing, even some longtime Redskins sources. Let's be honest: Gibbs fudged the rules when he coached here during both eras. And the league office disliked him, or at least how much he would call and complain about certain calls from the previous day's game.

...Here's what I want to know, and will find out: Why isn't Lorenzo Alexander talked about more for a starting job opposite Cornelius Griffin? OK, I know some of the reasons, but Alexander is very active, much more so than Kedric Golston, who is not a playmaker but more of a run-stopper. But Golston was not overly impressive Saturday. Anthony Montgomery is not 100 percent yet and still plays too high. He does often take up two blockers.

...Redskins players are chuckling about the attention given Colt Brennan. One player asked a reporter, "Are they pushing him on you guys?" Yes, sort of. TV types love him; he's the flavor of the day.

...OK, this might be a bit nerdy and I have to ask Danny Smith about this, but here's what I noticed when watching Derrick Frost and Durant Brooks hold for practice field goals today: Every few kicks Brooks did not have the laces turned the proper way; they were slanted to the right. If Frost has a chance of winning the job, little things like that could be a reason.

...Stephon Heyer was back in practice today, though in a limited role. Heyer needs to show something; don't know that he's in trouble or anything but he has not cemented his role as a top backup that's for sure.

...Todd Wade should want to hustle back, too. Let's just say some coaches aren't impressed with his blocking. If he was a young guy, he'd be gone.

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