Coaches' Corner: Zorn, Blache and Mitchell

See what Jim Zorn, Greg Blache and Stump MItchell had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On what things he can do to help reduce Jason Campbell's hesitation when passing:

"He might have a completion, but I wanted him to make it sooner.  And it may not be that it made a difference on that particular play, but it will down the road.  I just need to continue to let him know to throw sooner, and when he makes his initial move to let the ball go.  He sees it and is working towards it.  The hard part is to tell a guy that has made the right read, made the throw, and completed it that it is not as good as I wanted it.  It is good, but I want it to be great."

On what he expects from the next preseason game:

"We are going to see our starting group try to improve their cohesiveness.  I don't want to see mental errors, but we want to see execution and finish.  I am looking for whichever group that is in the game to extend themselves and strain for the win."

On LaRon Landry's chances of playing in the upcoming preseason game:

"I talked to him this morning and we may have to wait another week.  He has continued to work and if he can end up practicing at the end of this week I would play him, but it looks more likely that he will have to wait another week before he gets an opportunity to play.  The only thing that I am holding onto is that he is a veteran, he understands the defense, and that he plays recklessly at full speed.  His leg has to be able to hold up in order to play within his frame of reference."

On Malcolm Kelly's recovery from his knee injury:

"He is taking a step forward.  He ran a deeper route today, but we don't have him running quicker breaking routes.  He is progressing just fine."

On whether Devin Thomas's performance in practice has improved after playing in his first game:

"He did a little better at practice, but he hasn't had enough reps to really feel comfortable with many routes.  He has a long way to go, but he has a good attitude about it."

Redskins Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache

On defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin:

"He has done well.  He has had a good camp.  We have tried not to beat him up too much.  This week will be the real story because he will get to play a whole half.  We will see how his endurance, strength and conditioning holds up."

On safety Justin Hamilton:

"He has had some bright spots.  He is a young guy.  The big thing for him to show us is whether he can help us on special teams.  If you are not one of the starting safeties, you have to be a special teams player.  The big test for him the next two weeks is going to be can he earn a spot on the special teams.  If he can, I think he has shown us that he can be a capable backup safety that can develop over time.  Right now the big challenge to him is going to be on special teams."

On the play of safeties Chris Horton and Kareem Moore:

"The young safeties have been up and down.  They have done some good things, they have done some poor things.  I think they have a lot a maturing to do before we get into the regular season.  Anybody can play every now and then, but it is consistency [that we are looking for].  To consistently be able to do the correct things at a very high pace and I have not seen that yet from any of them.  They have shown us that they can, but they have not done it consistently enough for us to trust them.  At the end of the day trust is everything."

On whether Andre Carter and Jason Taylor control where they are going to line up:

"We [the coaching staff] control playing time.  If they do not do our defense the way we want it done, then they can sit down and watch.  That is Jason [Taylor], that is Andre [Carter], that is any of them.  They do not have the ability to do whatever they want."

On safeties Reed Doughty and Laron Landry not being able to practice together:

"You always want guys to practice communicating with each other and get a feel for each other, anticipating the hand signals and the vocal signals.  It is going to hurt us by not having it.  How much, we will have to wait and see.  If it wasn't necessary then we would be wasting our time practicing."

On safety Laron Landry being injured:

"It hurts him a lot.  When players miss practice, particularly when younger players miss practice, it really does retard their growth.  Him not being on the field has definitely retarded his growth."

Redskins Assistant Head Coach/ Running Backs Stump Mitchell

On whether the team can carry four running backs during the regular season:

"We have some quality running backs here and Marcus Mason is one of them.  Hopefully he will be around here, but if not, I think he will make somebody's team.  I think he has a good shot right here, and we'll see after the next two games."

On Marcus Mason's chances of making the team:

"I know he is talented enough to play in the NFL, and we still have two more preseason games.  His and my hopes and dreams are for him to be on this team."

On the success of the running backs in the preseason:

"I think that starts with Joe Bugel and Rennie Simmons.  Their players have done an exceptional job of blocking, and the guys I am coaching are benefiting from it."

On what he has seen in Clinton Portis since he came here:

"I have seen everything that I saw before I got here.  He is a hell of a football player that gives 100 percent no matter what it is you ask him to do, and I am just pleased to be coaching him and the other running backs."

Redskins Defensive End Jason Taylor

On whether he feels more at ease with his transition to the Redskins after having been with the team for a few weeks:

"I am still trying to fit in.  I feel a little more comfortable and am enjoying my teammates.  I am glad camp is over, and I am looking forward to seeing what this area has to offer."

On whether he is surprised by his popularity:

"It is great to be well received and people are excited and optimistic about this team, which they should be.  This can be a very good football team if we do the right things and stay healthy.  The pressure is there to perform and it's our job to do that."

On how his role will change on this team from a leadership perspective:

"Your role will develop as time goes on.  You can't come into a situation and try to force things.  I think everyone knows what is expected of me.  When you are at one place your resume, to some degree, speaks for you, but when you go somewhere else, you have to prove yourself again."

On his impressions of Clinton Portis:

"He is a good running back and everyone respects him.  I didn't realize how good of a guy he is and how down-to-earth he is.  Clinton has been great and has helped me out a lot here."

On whether he has begun to develop chemistry with Andre Carter:

"I think there is the start to some chemistry, but it takes time to develop that.  The more you play together, the better the chemistry.  We are similar in a lot of ways, in that we can both bring pressure off the edges.  I am excited about not only working with him, but the other guys inside because you really need them to make it successful."

On what he thinks is expected of him:

"To pressure the quarterback, make plays, and help everyone else play better.  I have always taken pride in trying to help other guys play better, whether it be by drawing attention, making a play, or providing information."

On whether it takes time to feel your way into a leadership position when joining a new team:

"A leader doesn't just come in and start saying things, breaking chalkboards, and throwing bottles around the locker room, but becoming a leader starts with your play.  I am not a big rah rah guy, and I would rather go out there and play hard and show them the way to do it.  There are times when you have to grab someone by the facemask and get things going, but that comes naturally.  When you talk too much, you lose credibility, but when you do the right thing, your words carry a lot more weight."

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