Redskins Training Camp: August 19th

Chad Rinehart moving to the left? Rabach picks on Coach Danny Smith? How are the new safeties looking? Why isn't DT Lorenzo Alexander in the running for a starting job? All this and more, right here...

...Erasmus James likely will play against Carolina on Sunday.

...Redskins coach Jim Zorn said LaRon Landry likely will miss another week because of a pulled hamstring. Not a good sign, but the Redskins say they're just being cautious.

...Linebacker Matt Sinclair missed practice because of back spasms. Sinclair is fighting hard for a roster spot and the coaches like him. But he must stay healthy and has to start making a few more plays.

...Told you yesterday about Durant Brooks' holds, where the laces were pointed at a slight angle and not straight ahead. Asked Danny Smith if that was a problem. Yes and no. Brooks needs to improve his holds a bit, but the other point is this: sometimes the holder receives the ball with the laces all the way in the back so they spin it as much as they can. In some cases, had he spun it so the laces were pointing straight forward, then the kicker would have attempted to kick a spinning ball. Not good.

...Jason Taylor said he and Andre Carter sometimes switch sides without having been told to do so. But they only do that in practice and have not yet tried it in a game.

...Chris Horton continues to open eyes among the coaches. They like his physical play; same with Kareem Moore. But Horton fits the mold of previous strong safeties like Ryan Clark and Matt Bowen and current safety Reed D oughty.

...Stephon Heyer returned to practice today. Yippee.

...Casey Rabach likes to razz Danny Smith. My spies tell me that he and Jon Jansen used to go into Danny's office and mess it up, knowing how tidy he likes to keep it. Drove him nuts. On the practice field, Rabach will loudly poke fun at Smith and his charges. "Where's Danny!" Rabach shouted in his direction. "You were sleeping in the tent, weren't you, Danny?!" Couldn't hear Danny's retort.

...Chad Rinehart worked a lot at left guard today; better spot for him and he handled it well vs. Cornelius Griffin. Griff did break through him on one occasion, as you would expect.

...Jon Jansen and Randy Thomas did a nice job going against Lorenzo Alexander and Chris Wilson in a two-on-two session, prompting Joe Bugel to shout to them, "Thatta way to go! Get out of here!" When the two walked to the back, Chris Samuels shouted to Jansen, "Way to go, Al Bundy!" Gotta check on that one.

...The big reason Alexander isn't in contention for a starting job: the Redskins don't think he could hold up over 16 games in a full-time role. He could play alongside Griffin in a pinch, but they prefer him as Griff's backup.

...Walked into the building today and all I heard coming from the locker room 20 feet away was Fred Smoot's voice. Not sure what he was saying, but guaranteed someone was laughing.

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