Redskins Training Camp: August 20th

How does Greg Blache feel about Boschetti? How did Suisham do today? Did Erasmus James practice today? What were Clinton Portis and Jason Taylor discussing and jawing about? All this, the weather and more right here...

...Malcolm Kelly participated more in practice, though he did not take part in team drills. But it's a good sign. There's a chance he'll play Saturday vs. Carolina, but more likely he won't play until the Jacksonville game. Jim Zorn would prefer he didn't play this weekend.

...LaRon Landry is out for Saturday. But he might start practicing more this week.

...The Redskins are checking out Marcus Washington, who has a hip flexor problem according to Zorn.

...Warren Sapp was at the facility today, working for the NFL Network.

...Chris Wilson needs to start showing more in games. He had a calf issue earlier in camp which did not help, but he has to make a play or two. His main benefit is on special teams, but will that be enough?

...Zorn is considering naming Rock Cartwright as his special teams captain. Really, there's no one else who should be named.

...DT Ryan Boschetti and OL Chad Rinehart split their two one-on-one battles this afternoon. Boschetti drove him back the first time; Rinehart rode him out the next time.

...Boschetti might be one of the most popular players. On the sidelines of Saturday's win over the Jets, many of the starters rooted hard for him when he made plays. They appreciate what he's done to stay in the NFL. Defensive boss Greg Blache LOVES him; he also hopes he can keep him around.

...Correction: We wrote yesterday that Chris Samuels called Jon Jansen "Al Bundy." Oops. He was referring to Jason Fabini, but it looked even to Jansen like Samuels was talking to him. Guess it's one of Fabini's new nicknames.

...Clinton Portis and Jason Taylor had a little fun going back and forth about the U. Portis said Taylor was jealous of the attention the Hurricanes received in Miami; Taylor reminded him they play in the Dolphins stadium. Yes, Taylor fits in rather well.

...Shaun Suisham had a tough day kicking today, missing several kicks in the 35-45-yard range. He has not looked sharp during practice. And you can't blame one holder over the other. They've held for almost the same number of misses. There goes one edge Derrick Frost had over Durant Brooks.

...Gorgeous day today; low 80s and little humidity.

...Lorenzo Alexander batted down a Colt Brennan pass near the end of practice. Lo Al has dropped 10 pounds and feels he's a better pass rusher this year; helps that he has focused on one side of the ball.

...Justin Tryon did a good job defending a Jason Campbell pass to Devin Thomas.

...Erasmus James easily beat Stephon Heyer on one play. On the next play, Heyer handled Rob Jackson.

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