Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''You mean a lot of people didn't believe in that choice?. I don't read too many papers or listen to experts on TV. I don't follow it so it doesn't bother me.''

Spurrier, ''I've seen him play like he did [Sunday]. It's his demeanor and presence. This kid won a state high school title and a national championship [in college]. You don't do that without a good brain. Usually good things happen to Danny and those around him.''

Redskins LB LaVar Arrington, ''That's what you dream of all your life, to save the game. You never know what's going to happen. They have the momentum and they were making a move for it. But I felt the way the game was going we would have won. We had the feeling we were invincible.''

Rams QB Kurt Warner on the final play, ''We were trying to hit the back across the middle. They clamped down on that pretty tight so I went into my second read and LaVar Arrington smacked the ball out of there.''

Arrington, ''Everyone was saying a juggernaut had been awoken [in St. Louis]. A lot of people had counted us out to win the game. Maybe they took us for granted. But by no means is this team a slouch. We wouldn't lay down and be a doormat type team. We can still jump into these playoffs.''

Redskins left tackle Chris Samuels, ''A lot of times they were looking for the pass and we'd hit them with the run. And then they'd look for the run and we'd pass. It helped a whole lot to keep them off-balance. Anytime you have a back like Stephen Davis, they have to respect the run. He kept pounding and we wore them out and that creates passing lanes.''

Redskins defensive tackle Daryl Gardener, ''I don't like the Dallas Cowboys at all. Zero. I'm coming with the business. I'm ready to go right now and start another game.''

Gardener, ''We didn't need that closed door meeting this week. Everybody already knew that we had to come out here and play and that's what we did. We all played hard and we all know what we can do when we play together.''

Rams coach Mike Martz, ''It's a shame to come back like that and not win it. It was a bad call. I made a bad call at the end. There was another call I wanted to make and I should have called it. I just made a bad all at the end.''

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