Practice Report

Defensive end Renaldo Wynn is listed as doubtful for Thursday's game at Dallas because of a groin injury. He participated in some of today's practice, but the Redskins aren't optimistic about his chances.

But coach Steve Spurrier said he expects corners Fred Smoot (back) and Darrell Green (hip) to play.

. . . In a sign perhaps that he's resigned to his fate, Redskins tackle Jon Jansen no longer wants to give interviews. Jansen doesn't want to address his status.

. . . No one hates Dallas more than Chris Samuels. Just picturing the star on their helmets ''irritates me'' he said.

. . . We wrote this back in August, but one reason why the Redskins players like Danny Wuerffel is because of how much he understands the offense. They trust him to call the right audibles, etc. Also, they say there's something about his presence in the huddle that they like. Does that make up for a weak arm? It did against the Rams. That's not to say Wuerffel will play this way the rest of the season. We don't expect that. But we saw that he can beat a good team, something few would have expected five days ago.

. . . The Redskins vehemently deny a Washington Times story talking about a front office shakeup. The story said that Vinny Cerrato would now be in charge of the draft and free agency and that Joe Mendes would be limited to contract negotiations and the salary cap. We've known for a while about friction between Cerrato and Mendes--just check out the message board responses over the past month. We also know Rick Snider very well and that he contacted at least four sources before writing the story. Also, Larry Weisman of USA Today first mentioned this move on TV Sunday. Just so you know: Weisman is tight with Cerrato.


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