Conference Call With: Joey Galloway

Dallas receiver Joey Galloway chats about Thursday's game against Washington.

Q: Were you a Dallas fan as a kid?
A: I was definitely anti-Dallas. I grew up 45 minutes from Pittsburgh and was a big Steelers fan. Everyone knows if you were a Steelers fan in the late 1970s, you had to hate the Cowboys. But my house is now filled with blue and the star is everywhere.

Q: Is it still a rivalry?
A: Definitely. As soon as Spurrier got there, the comments he made let you know what kind of rivalry this is. Around the country, everyone pays attention to the Cowboys-Redskins game. Everyone still watches this game.

Q: Why have you guys won nine in a row over Washington?
A: I don't know, it's difficult to say. But we want to continue the streak. Sometimes when you play a team year in and year out you get on a run. Right now we're in one of those.

Q: Do you think you've gotten in their heads?
A: I hope so. I don't know if that's true, but I hope it is. We just want it to continue.

Q: Have you figured out yet if Chad is the long-term answer there?
A: Anyone who's been around long enough knows that you never know what's going to happen. He's definitely a talented guy and he did things we all knew he had the tools to do. In my 30-some games here I've played with seven different quarterbacks  which makes it difficult from a timing standpoint. But I don't get concerned with who's playing quarterback.

Q: Do you face different coverages with Rocket out?
A: Unlike most teams the Redskins have two pretty good corners. They don't need to switch guys and move them around. I'm sure they'll sometimes roll coverage. But if we're able to run the ball the safeties have to pay attention to the run. It's a little easier to roll to me with Rocket gone, but the young guys have stepped up extremely well.

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