September 4: They Said What?

Here are post game quotes from Jim Zorn, Jason Campbell, Jason Taylor, London Fletcher, Santana Moss and Anthony Montgomery.

Head Coach Jim Zorn Q. How do you think your first drive and their first drive set the tone?

A. I don't think it set the tone for the game, I think it set the tone for the first half. They were very methodical coming down and getting a score. We sputtered from the first play. We sputtered around for too many minutes and too many plays for the first half.

Q. What do you attribute that to?

A. I think there were errors, even on the first play. We're gonna see that the play could have been successful with protection, with route running. We failed to come off the receiver and got really stuck on the receiver that was in the first part of the read. I'm trying to tell it how it is, we failed at that particular play and then we got stuck and got sacked and now that kind of ruins your first fifteen because you think you're not going to have to call a play on 2nd and 17, backed up, so we had to punt. But after that it was really frustrating. We didn't pick up the blitz well in the early part of the game. After we got going I felt like we could move the ball. Unfortunately, the thing that got us was not converting those third downs. We did have several opportunities to convert and we ended up in forth and inches on several drives and we had to punt. That's what we had to do. If you call a third and six play and you get 5, if you call a third and nine play and you get eight and a half, or call a third and 7 play and you get 6 and a half, it's frustrating.

Q. Do you see why they had so much success running the ball in the first half?

R. They've got a bruising running game, they have a really strong offensive line. It just took us time to figure out their plan – it was a good first game. I thought defensively we did a decent job with those guys. We had an opportunity for four interceptions, we got one, and I thought Manning did a wonderful job getting the ball to his favorite receiver.

Q. In your first game, what do you take out of it?

R. My first game was very frustrating. I feel like we've learned where we need to improve tonight. If anything is positive out of it, it's got to be that. We're going to see on video where we can improve. We saw where we're at offensively and I think if I was trying to look at the cup half full that would be it. I don't know if the cup has any water in it right now, for me.

Q. Are you surprised where you're at right now offensively?

R. We're on our way in the passing game, we're not there yet. That's what I'm disappointed about, but in the running game I thought we were strong. Clinton ran hard and we got some good things going there, and yet we can't run every down in a ball game. We've got to be able to throw the ball, we've got to be able to protect, and those are the things we need to improve on. No question about it, it's our passing game.

QB Jason Campbell

Q. Was it a frustrating kind of night for you?

R. No, it was just the whole team. We saw a lot of things we tried to accomplish and we kept coming up short. Those third downs where we tried to convert and we were always one yard short. We have to continue to convert those first downs. If we convert those and keep the ball and get into a rhythm as an offense and I felt like in the first half we just never got into a rhythm and also credit the Giants defense and what they were doing, they were bringing the house early in the game. We tried to throw ___ and they did a good job starting the game up.

Q. What's the first thing they made a statement about when they came out?

R. When they came out they had a lot of momentum, they were feeding off the crowd. When you're playing in the road environment you have to try to match their intensity and match it early. One thing you have to do when you're on the road, you have to try to get the ball first and take the crowd out of it. We have to continue to keep working and continue to keep fighting as a team and get back to what we do best.

Q. Did you, on that first play, what exactly do you think happened?

R. As far as the first play, we got crazy, but it was my fault. I was trying to drop back in and read the coach for the ball and I couldn't see my guys. I didn't want to throw a blind throw or have an interception or something on the first play. So like I said we have to continue to move and continue to work and as quarterbacks you try to find an open hole so you can try to see if you have anyone to give the ball.

Q. In that case, is it best to hold it or best to throw it away?

R. Probably throw it out of bounds. That wasn't the play that ruined the game though. We have to continue to keep working. We just never got into a rhythm in the first half. When we scored that touchdown right before the half, I thought we took a lot of momentum from them, I thought we took the crowd out of the game. I was looking forward to coming back out in the second half with that momentum and take advantage of them, but it never happened.

Q. They talked about missing a couple key guys like Strahan, but it didn't look like they were missing very much.

R. No, they had a lot of speed. They were missing Strahan, a great player, but tonight they were playing with a lot of speed. They kept a lot of speed up on the field. Early I think they were bringing the house and trying to put pressure and create turnovers early in the game, but it was a good game for us to learn from and to take home and see what we need to improve on, and we can always get better from this standpoint.

DE Jason Taylor

On the defensive performance:

"We were able to shore it up a little bit in the second half and play somewhat better, but the third downs was an Achillies' heal tonight."

On when he learned he would be starting:

"When I got here today and figured out that I was going ahead to try and play."

On if he is 100 percent:

"No, I am not 100 percent, but I have played this game for 12 years and you are never really 100 percent. I get up out of bed in January and March and I am not 100 percent. The knee - it is what it is. I got hurt and I am trying to battle through it and give this team what I can. I am not 100 percent and at some point maybe I will be this year, but I don't know when."

On his impression on the Giants' offense:

"They are what you see on film. They are what I played against last year and what the Redskins played against last year. They are a good power team. They have a big back that likes to pound it and Plaxico (Burress) is Plaxico. He is a great player. He is tough to contain and he makes a lot of plays for his football team. They won a Super Bowl for a reason. They are a good football team."

On the Redskins' overall performance:

"There is a lot to learn from this tape. There are a lot of good things that we did. There a lot of good things that we did poorly and need to correct particularly on third down. That starts up front with us."

On what the Redskins did better in the second half:

"I think we played the run better in the second half. There was times when we knew what they liked to run in certain situations and we played it better. In the first half, we did not do it. We finally made them punt in the second half."

LB London Fletcher

Q. If you had to pick out the one thing that cost you the game, what would you say it was?

A. Third downs in the game really hurt us. In the first half, we really didn't stop them from scoring on any of their possessions.

Q. It didn't look like you guys had the ?fire? on either side of the ball.

A. I can't really speak for everybody in terms of that. I thought that during our pregame warm-ups and while we were in the locker room everybody was real excited about playing this game, playing the defending Super Bowl champions. I mean it's opening night and we're playing on a Thursday?so as far as energy goes, I don't think that was an issue. I think it was more so how we hurt ourselves, I'm just speaking defensively because I can't speak about the offense. From a defensive standpoint, there were a lot of opportunities for us in the first half to make plays on third downs and we did not. Even in the second half, we missed some turnover opportunities.

Q. How disappointing is it to lose your first game of the season?

A. Anytime you lose, you're going to be disappointed. We would've liked to have gotten off to a better start by winning our first game, our first division game. We've got to go in tomorrow and look at the tape and see where we made our mistakes. We've got to come in next week fully prepared to face a good New Orleans Saints football team.

WR Santana Moss

Q. At the end the first half you guys seemed to pretty easily march down the field and score. Why do you feel you couldn't get it going in the second half?

A. I mean we just sputtered a lot…sputter here, sputter there. Our drive at the end of the second quarter was started by the special teams getting us good field position. When you get good field position, you've got to take advantage of it. I think we did a good job by doing that. In the second half, we had some chances that we couldn't capitalize on when we had good field position. You've really got to learn from things like that, you can't just beat yourself up over that; you've got to watch the film and get better from it.

Q. Do you feel like the offense has regressed? You guys looked so good in the first couple of games.

A. I mean this is still the first game and preseason is preseason. You can't be judged on what you did in the first three games in the preseason, because teams aren't coming after you. They're sitting back and playing basic defenses. I feel like now, with a game under our belt, we'll really find out how we play as a team. I feel good when I think about the potential this team has, but we've actually got to go out and do it now.

Q. It didn't seem that there was a whole lot of urgency from the offense in the fourth quarter.

A. We were trying…we were trying to run the two minute (offense). I mean there was a penalty here, a missed opportunity there, a negative run here…and when that stuff happens you can't really run what you want to run. That's basically where we stood, you saw it, we saw it, and now we've got to fix it

DT Anthony Montgomery

Q. What changes did you guys make at halftime?

A. I don't think we made too many changes, I just think everybody came out and let everything out. We all just took a deep breath and everyone took it upon themselves to be where they were supposed to be. We've just got to watch this film and build from it and be ready from next week.

Q. Was it tough to catch your breath in the first half because you were out there for so long?

A. No, that's why you work hard during the offseason; you've got to expect stuff like that to happen. It wasn't about us being too tired or being out there for too long, we just didn't make the plays that we needed to.

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