They said what????

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier, ''We'd be foolish to talk playoffs now. We don't have to worry about game balls on this side. They kicked our butts in the second half.''

Redskins CB Champ Bailey, ''It seems like every time we play those guys, they always make the big plays. We killed ourselves. They did make some plays, but we can't play like that and expect to win. It hurts because we took a step back.''

Dallas DT La'Roi Glover, ''When the momentum swung back to our side, you could look in their eyes and see it. We deflated their confidence.''

Redskins OG Tre Johnson, ''We lost the game up front. They played the game we wanted to play.''

Redskins DT Dan Wilkinson, ''This is amazing, absolutely amazing. It's sickening. Our fans deserve more.''

Redskins DE Renaldo Wynn, ''There's no doubt we had control of that game. It's just . . . I can't explain it.''

Redskins DT Dan Wilkinson on his calf injury, ''It could be torn. I felt something pop.''

Redskins RB Stephen Davis, ''You have to run right at them. We were trying to run wide. And when we ran at them, they knew what was coming.''

Spurrier, ''We tried to run the ball, but it didn't work today. We're supposed to run the ball, but we didn't run it very far, especially in short yardage.''

Spurrier, ''There won't be any game balls on our side today. I told [Dan Snyder], 'Sorry, we're not good enough to beat them right now.' ''

Dallas RB Emmitt Smith, ''I was motivated to play this game. Playing the Redskins is like playing Florida State.

Dallas LG Ross Tucker on facing his former teammates, ''It was very strange. For a year and a half I was burgundy and gold and I never had any intentions to leave. I was happy there. Unfortunately, or fortunately, they made a business decision.''

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