September 14: Saints Quotes

See what Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Jeremy Shockey, Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush had to say after the Saints lost to the Redskins, 24-29.


On team's performance:

"We didn't play really well. We didn't play well enough to win the game. We were fortunate enough to be ahead at the half. Quite honestly I thought we were fortunate to be up by nine in the fourth quarter and that teased us a little bit. But, when it came time in the fourth quarter to make some critical plays, be it offensively trying to make a yard, trying to convert a third and five, or defensively trying to keep the ball in front of us, they made the plays. Also, they ran the ball better than we did today."

On keys to Redskins victory:

"Between the turnovers and their ability to run the ball and our inability to run the ball, those are two big factors. At the end of the game the team that can run the ball better and not turn the ball over will win the game."

On not being able to convert on third down:

"I didn't feel we were able to start anything today. Even when it came to that third and one, when we couldn't get one yard it was a pivotal moment in the game - that was a disappointing down for us. We have to be able to line up and get a yard running the football and if we can't, then we're going to struggle."

On problems the team had in the game:

"Turnovers and rushing yardage told the tale today. I don't think we were very consistent at all on offense. Defensively, we played well at times but then they had 457 yards and that's not going to be good enough for us."

On the first half:

"I think we got out played today. They contained us and they kept us in check defensively. Drew made some good plays and we got a field goal by Martín Gramatica and took a 10-9 lead. At halftime I think everyone thought we would have to play better than that because what we were doing was not going to be good enough. Also, we unfortunately had to settle for some field goals. As far as time of possession, number of snaps, and yardage, basically every category, they were ahead."


On Washington's performance defensively :

"You've got to give them some credit, they had a good plan, but certainly I think when you talk to everybody in that locker room a lot of that was us just not executing the way we know how and that is all there is too it. We should have been able to put some more points on the board than we did."

On the two interceptions thrown:

"One was I got hit as I threw, the other you know was just a break throwing it to Shockey and the corner just kind of stuck his arm in and batted it up and it got picked. Then that one [by the] D-end just got batted at the line. That is just so disappointing to end a game like that; I'd rather them stop us on fourth down than something like that happen."

On the momentum after the punt return:

"Oh, 100 percent. That gave us the lead at 24 – 15, it wasn't even the fourth quarter yet, we felt like we were going to explode in the second half offensively. We came right out the gate and scored a touchdown, took the ball right down the field, and then the punt return, so at this point we were feeling pretty good, feeling like we have a couple more in us."


On the idea that the Saints let the Redskins off the hook:

"Oh, obviously yeah, you either win in this league or you lose, they definitely took advantage of the momentum swing because that was a big factor in this game. You know, the crowd was out of it, they were already booing the Redskins, they already had their mind made up that the game was over, and those guys hung in there. You got to give those guys credit on both sides of the ball. Those guys really played well today."


On leading at the half despite multiple penalties and turnovers:

"Very fortunate, like you said. We had a lot of mistakes, a lot of penalties, you know, that we shouldn't have, but that's how the game goes sometimes. But you've got to work through that. Being up before halftime we felt real good , we came out in the third quarter and put points on the board and we felt good about that, but we've got to maintain, you've got to keep the drive going, you've got to keep that lead. Can't let them back in the game. But the Redskins played a heck of a game. They played hard."

On the third and one stop near the end of the game:

"That play was real tough. We thought we had it. You can't really do too much about that. That third and one was very crucial. You've got to go with what the call is, just getting the handoff, there was really nothing there. My teammates were squishing those guys. I tried to hit it as hard as I can, just get behind my guys and just hit it, but it is what it is."


On the turn of events late in the game:

"The Washington Redskins have been known for just hanging around games, hanging around late in games, I kind of knew that coming in to this game. Just from watching them and watching them play before they like to hang around games, just stay in it a little bit and then down the stretch make plays. At the end of the day they just made more plays than we did. The turnovers killed us."

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