September 14: Redskins Quotes

See what Jim Zorn, Jason Campbell, Chris Horton, Chris Cooley, Antwaan Randle El, Santana Moss, Pete Kendall, Fred Smoot and Casey Rabach had to say over the Redskins' 29-24 win over the Saints.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On Campbell's touchdown pass to Santana Moss:

"I planned on that play from a different set. We actually beat them on a different guy. The guy that we were trying to beat got injured and went off the field. We had to go against Porter, their rookie, who has great speed, and we ended up beating him instead."

On the maturation of Jason Campbell after a comeback victory:

"I think he grew this whole week. He just continued what he was doing from the first half into the second. He didn't hit every throw that was there, and I was frustrated because I want him to hit one hundred percent of his throws, right?"

On winning his first official game as head coach in the NFL:

"It's tremendous. I don't really know how to act, but I am very excited. I wished I could enjoy it as much as I had to endure the last week for four or five days."

On the players being able to believe in the offensive system:

"The thing I am most excited about is that our players believe that we can move the ball the way that we did. We utilized a lot of weapons, and we will try and build on this. Nothing gets easy throughout this season, but this win was hard."

On getting down early and battling back late in the game:

"My decision in the game was to continue to concentrate on that next series, stay with what we are doing on defense, stay with what we were doing on special teams, and make sure our guys plan for that next series."

On the development of Jason Campbell and calling the plays for him:

"Even a four-yard gain when you have your quarterback working through his progressions, through the read of the play, makes a huge difference as to what you call next. It makes the next call that much easier. I'm not grab-bagging out there, I have a way I want a drive to go."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On general feelings about the game:

"I felt the team played with a lot of energy. I thank God for this opportunity, this victory, as well as my teammates."

On leading his team:

"Anytime you play quarterback in the NFL, it is always emotional because it is one of the most scrutinized positions. You can't worry about it, you just have to keep focused and keep fighting. Every great quarterback I know has faced adversity at some point in time in their career."

On mentally preparing for this week's game in light of last week's loss:

"We have to stay positive. We must focus on those positive things and not the negative things."

On Santana Moss:

"Santana is such a great sportsman and receiver. He is always talking about opportunities, and we are neighbors so we speak a lot. He is always stepping up as a player. So that just goes to show you the type of team we have and the type of sportsmanship that exists among us."

On getting the win:

"Looking back, you never know how important the outcome of this game can be for us. But you have to keep fighting and stay focused. We can't get too high off this game. We can enjoy this one tonight, but Monday and Tuesday it is time to get back to work."

On hearing the boos from the crowd

"I have to be patient. As a quarterback, it's all about trying to manage the game. You can't worry about what people want you to do. I heard some guys yelling and screaming some crazy things. You have to shake it off and move on to the next play."

Redskins Safety Chris Horton

On having an eventful day:

"It was fun. I just went out and played football."

On his mindset after the first turnover:

"I said, ‘I'm in the right spot at the right time and I'm going to come up with plays to help this team win."

On what style of a football player he is:

"I consider myself an IQ football player. I put a lot of time in studying and learning the game of football. Obviously, I have long way to go, but I feel like if I can put a guy in the right position, I'm going to do my best"

On his second interception:

"Coach (Greg) Blache came up to me on the sideline and was like, ‘Hey, I need a hat trick.' I looked at him like, ‘What?' Then he explained to me that's three plays. Coach called my number out and I tried to make another play, and hey, I was in the right spot and the right time"

On his fumble recovery:

"Oh, that ball was sitting out there forever, and I was thinking, ‘run to the ball.' I didn't see any black and gold and I just picked it up and tried to get some extra yards."

On his impression of first NFL start:

"It could get better. I feel like on special teams I left some plays out on the field, but I just try to be perfect every time."

On where this game ranks in his football career:

"It's pretty high. To have my first NFL start and to come out and make those kinds of plays – it ranks real high.

On Coach Blache's comments to him after the game:

"I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet, but I'm sure he'll say, ‘Now you know what a hat trick is."

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley

On staying positive throughout the game:

"I think even though we weren't scoring touchdowns we were still very confident about what we were able to do on the field. We were confident as far as moving the ball and that carried into the second half. We came in and made a couple adjustments and then we started scoring touchdowns."

On mistakes during the game:

"We are going to go back and look at everything, but everyone is really excited with how we did. I think when we look at what we left out on the table we're going to be disappointed that the game was as close as it was."

Redskins Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On criticism of the offense:

"People can talk all they want, but we know what we have, we know how we have to produce, and we know the mistakes. If we limit our mistakes we know how well we can play. With the criticism, we'll take it and then we know it is off our shoulders and we can keep on moving."

On mistakes during the game:

"Certainly we had some mistakes, we could of scored some more times in the red zone, we had some problems on special teams, but at the same time we overcame it in the second half to win the game."

Redskins Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On scoring the touchdown to take the lead:

"We had good protection, and Jason [Campbell] had to step into the pocket a little and then launch it. Everything kind of worked out for the best."

Redskins Offensive Lineman Pete Kendall

On the tendency for running plays to be called to the left side:

"Chris Samuels has been to five pro bowls, and I am just meddling along."

On the success of the run game:

"A lot of the run game is repetition, and we were able to call the same runs a couple of times in a row. We had a feel and could make adjustments, and understand how they were playing. What was a two to three yard run is now a five yard run."

On whether this game could be a turning point for Jason Campbell:

"I hope so. It is a long season and this is only his second game in this system. I am hoping the trend is up from here, but there may be some bumps along the way."

Redskins Cornerback Fred Smoot

On today's victory:

"We just kept playing and we got over the hump, and did what it took to win this game."

On the play of Chris Horton in his first start as a rookie:

"He was just where he needed to be today. It's called being in the right place at the right time. He got three turnovers and that is a hell of a rookie debut if you ask me."

On the significance of this game:

"Things happen in a game, and you just have to be ready for it. We came together as a team, won as a team, and we lose as a team."

Redskins Offensive Lineman Casey Rabach

On the call Jason Campbell made to adjust the protection on his long touchdown throw to Santana Moss:

"We didn't do that a year ago. This is all new to him in the West Coast offense. For him to make that call it shows his maturity and evolution in this offense."

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