September 15: They said What?

See quotes from Jim Zorn, Durant Brooks, Chris Samuels, Antwaan Randle El, and Chris Horton as they answer questions about the win over the Saints yesterday.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On: QB Jason Campbell's ability to diversify:
"It's a really good thing. He did some different things this week that he didn't do the week before as far as finding that second receiver. He improved a lot. The thing that is evident as the game goes on is you can see how many guys can catch a ball in this particular offense. I think it showed that the scheme was there, we got protection, we didn't get into those third and extra long [situations]. We didn't convert many third down situations, but we moved the ball on first and second down very, very well, and I thought that was the difference in the game."

On: the rookie receivers:
"They're trying hard in practice, but they are not up to speed yet. I think Fred Davis is probably further along than both the young wide receivers [Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas] because of the wide receivers being in and out so much. It's so critical for them of where they align, how deep they go, getting in and out of routes. I will tell you this, I thought Devin Thomas got open deep a couple times, and we were looking for Santana [Moss] and we should, but he is running the deeper routes down the field very, very well."

On: QB Jason Campbell's play adjustment:
"Jason made the complete play, he did it. What happened was, I called a different play and he adapted a similar concept to a different formation, got the protection right, got the play run and threw a strike to [TE Chris] Cooley. That was all Jason Campbell. I had nothing to do with that play. I had called something out of a different formation, and I don't know where the confusion was, but he worked it out all by himself and created a huge play. It was a great play."

On: the defense's performance:
"It was very good play. We held [Saints RB] Reggie Bush to 28 yards rushing and 63 yards in the passing game. We got pressure on [Saints QB] Drew Brees. Those are two tremendous players. The plan was executed very well. I can't speak for [Redskins Defensive Coordinator] Greg Blache, but I think we accomplished what we set out to do. Making Reggie Bush go sideways was one of the key issues for us, and we did [that]. We swarmed him and held him to every little yardage. [We played] great defense."

On: back-up safety Chris Horton:
"We had a huge game by Chris Horton, who had to step in for our starter Reed Doughty. We decided before the game all these different scenarios we could do:
we could move LaRon Landry, we could put Shawn Springs back, we could do all these things, and we decided to just keep everybody comfortable in their positions, and help Horton along. He certainly helped himself and helped us."

On: his own frankness:
"I'm trying to be myself number one. I'm trying to not expose everything, but I just want to be honest about our play and our players. I don't know if we've got too much to hide from that standpoint. I don't want to talk about schemes and I don't want to talk about how we design things and all that kind of stuff. When players play well, I want to talk about that. When players don't play well, there is no shame in that. We've got what we've got, and we're trying every week to help them play better."

On: protecting the QB:
"Up front they did well. Our [running] backs did a nice job of helping in certain situations-- when a guy would escape there would be a guy there to chip. I thought Jason did a wonderful job of avoiding [defenders]."

On: the 67-yard touchdown pass to Santana Moss:
"It was really an incredible play to watch because Jason actually audibled the protection. He did a really nice job. We actually had a guy slip off and our back came in and hit a guy that slipped off. There was another guy that came by Jason that he avoided. When he threw the ball he kind of threw it off balance 61 yards in the air, and that doesn't happen with many of the QB's in the National Football League."

Redskins Punter Durant Brooks

On: his job security:
"I'm rookie and I haven't proved myself. Having a bad game like that I'm sure brings up tons of questions-- wondering if I can get the job done. I've got to go out this week and prove myself again and have a good game on Sunday. I've just got to come out and have a good game and show improvement."

On: moving forward:
"It's very difficult [to put a game like that behind you]. You've got to wait a week for another game [and another opportunity] to play well. It's a good thing that we have practice all this week because I can get a lot of punts in and a lot of work. Once I get going again, I think I can put it behind me."

Redskins Tackle Chris Samuels

On: Jason Campbell's 67-yard TD pass to Santana Moss:
"Mike Sellers came through with a great block for us. One of the guys slipped through and got inside and Mike came up big. That was a big block and it enabled Jason [Campbell] to make the deep throw. I was thinking please Santana catch it. Once he hauled it in and scored I was so happy."

On: Jason Campbell's progression:
"He's just confident. Even though his back was pretty much against the wall and a lot of people had written him off and said that he couldn't run the West Coast offense. They've been talking bad about it, but Jason showed a lot of confidence in himself. We kept believing in him and he came through big for us."

On: the Jason Campbell's pass to TE Chris Cooley in the fourth quarter:
"I remember it and I just watched it on tape. It was huge for us because we did take a big loss with the sack [on the previous play]. Jason kept his head up and we all stayed behind him. We gave him great protection and he completed a big pass to Cooley to move the chains."

Redskins Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On: moving forward:
"You can't get too caught up in a win or too caught up in a loss. You have to move forward and make sure you're still preparing in practice so you can put the product on the field. We didn't do that the first week and we know that. We certainly came out and did a much better job this week. We're looking forward to just getting better and better."

On: Jason Campbell's progression:
"[He's showed improvement by] stepping up in the pocket and not getting off his reads. Sometimes we had some pressure, but he avoided a guy, stepped up and still completed the pass. Just little things like that. That's the progression you want to see in the quarterback."

On: returning punts:
"The punt return will be much better this year than it was last year because of the dings and injuries I had going on with my body. I didn't get off to a great start yesterday, so we'll just see how it works out."

Redskins Safety Chris Horton

On: having two interceptions and a fumble recovery in his first career start:
"I was just really blessed. I was just real lucky to be in the right spot at the right time. Those two interceptions were tipped balls and Rocky [McIntosh] did a good job of getting the ball out with the fumble recovery and I just did a good job of scooping it up."

On: if his role will change:
"I'm not the coach and I'm not in charge of personnel. I'm just going to continue to come out to practice, and just go to work everyday. I don't really know how it's going to work. I've still got a lot of work and a long way to go. I'm just going to continue to work hard and get better. Everyday is an interview and I've got to come out and go to work everyday."

On: support from safety Reed Doughty:
"I talked to Reed after the game. He just told me, ‘That's the way to step in there and take care of business.' He's always been an upbeat guy. He's real positive and real helpful."

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