They Said What: Cardinals' Quotes

Here are some post game quotes from Ken Whisenhunt and several Cardinals' players including Kurt Warner, Antrel Rolle, Karlos Dansby and Adrian Wilson.

Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt

On the team's performance:

"It was a disappointing day. We made a lot of mistakes today. We had situations where we had a chance to make plays and we didn't get it done. That's just football."

On the last three minutes of the game:

"The really disappointing thing was when we got the ball back with three minutes, we had a chance in our two minute drill to move it and we just didn't. It was unfortunate."

On going for it on fourth down:

"With 2:50 on the clock and two time outs I thought if we could stop them then we'd have the ball and have a chance to get down the field so I didn't really consider it at that point."

On the delay of game penalty in the first quarter:

"I was staring at the 25 second clock and there was one second left on the clock when the ball was snapped. That's what I saw. I don't know why there was a delay of game. I was ready to call time out and there was one second left on the clock when the ball was snapped. I don't know what the officials saw. I know that Kurt (Warner) came off the field and said the same thing because he was looking at the play clock as well. We were looking at the same clock-- it's low on the field."

On playing the Redskins:

"We knew it was going to be tough, they are a good opponent. I give them credit. They executed and made a lot of plays today. We have to focus and not let anything distract us."

On the Cardinals Defense:

"I thought that defensively we didn't put a lot of pressure on their quarterback [Jason Campbell] and I give him credit, he played well today. He did a good job with getting the ball out of his hands and if there wasn't anything there then he ran with it. I can't fault our defense as much as they (the Redskins) played well offensively today."

On Jason Campbell:

"He looks more comfortable in the offense he's running now. I've seen him do a very good job managing the game. They're doing a lot of things with him and he's responding. He played well today."

Cardinals Linebacker Karlos Dansby

On Jason Campbell's approach to the offense:

"He didn't try passes he couldn't make. Screens and underneath stuff, you got to get in a rhythm and that's what they did today, they got in a rhythm. We couldn't get them off the field."

On Jason Campbell facing the Cardinals D:

"He was nervous the whole game. I was looking in his eyes, he was nervous the whole game. He didn't know where we were coming from."

Cardinals Safety Antrel Rolle

On Jason Campbell compared to last year:

"I have to admit, coming into this game I wasn't too hot on him. I knew he was a big play guy, I know he could definitely beat you with his arm, but I didn't think that he was that comfortable in the system. He came out today, he was very poised. I think he knew what he was doing with the ball and he made some clutch throws. I take my hat off to him, he made some clutch throws."

Cardinals Quarterback Kurt Warner

On the delay of game call early in the game:

"No question. I was watching the clock as it was going down. There was no question that I snapped it with one second on the clock. I was specifically watching it knowing that I had a timeout and so if I couldn't get it off I would have turned and called time out. I was eyeing it the whole time, so there was no doubt in my mind."

On the start of the season this year versus last year:

"We came in here last year and we lost, we leave today with a loss."

On the Cardinals overall team performance:

"It wasn't just one or two things, it wasn't an official's call or whatever. It was us not playing up to this game and them making more plays than we did. It's unfortunate."

Cardinals Strong Safety Adrian Wilson

On the Cardinals not making plays:

"They went out and were very conservative in the passing game and did things we didn't expect. I thought we prepared well for it, we just didn't make enough plays down the stretch."

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