They Said What: Redskins' Quotes

Here are some post game quotes from Jim Zorn and several Redskins' players, including Jason Campbell, Santana Moss, Todd Yoder, Chris Cooley and Reed Doughty.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On attempting the 52-yard field goal:

"That wasn't easy [to decide] because we had a chance to punt them back down. The choice was really whether to punt or to try for the field goal and we had the distance, it was just off to the left."

On the defense:

"[They played] incredible. They did a wonderful job. That is a high-powered offense. They are very balanced. Their run game, even out of one [running] back, was very good. They kept us having to make those kinds of tackles, run up and play hard. I don't know what the statistics were but I thought [Arizona QB] Kurt Warner did great. He gave himself time. We had a hard time putting pressure on him, but the coverage helped us in some of the pressures that we had. Our DBs, the scheme, the plan through our coaching staff, Greg [Blache] and Jerry [Gray] was just excellent. We shut down two really good wide receivers, except for one big play, most of the day."

On being able to score off of turnovers:

"That was the real difference for us today. Our turnovers resulted in 10 points in the game. The last couple of weeks we ended up having to punt the ball back after we got a turnover, and it was really hard to face the defense after not being able to do something. We all felt better about being able to do something today [with those turnovers]."

On the offense:

"All of that stuff that I called except for maybe one throw was in the game plan. I felt like we could move the ball on the ground a little bit, and then they [the Arizona Cardinals] got really stout. They really put the wood to us in our run game, so I had to change the pace of the game a little bit. The players are the guys that have to get the credit for a lot of us because you have to execute. It comes out of nowhere. I tried to call a couple of those plays early in the game and we couldn't get them off just because of different situations. It seemed like I wasn't going to do anything. Then all of a sudden here comes the play and you better be ready and they were. That was outstanding because you don't get a lot of reps during the week to do things like that."

On CB Carlos Rogers's interception:

"That was an excellent play. What was most excellent about that play was that he didn't lay there and bask in his glory. He got up and made a huge play, which set us up for that screen to Santana Moss."

On QB Jason Campbell:

"He stayed in it the whole game. We always talk about players needing to concentrate during the entire game-- from pre-game, halftime, all the way through, sitting on the bench while your defense is on the field, and then obviously when you're on the field. He did that today. He was in the game all the way through. He responded very well to some of the wacky plays. He was very mature about all of the things that he did. He got us into a very good play from a very bad play by calling an audible."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On the passing game:

"They [the Arizona Cardinals] were putting eight in the box trying to stop our run, and it really opened up our passing game. That's what teams are going to do. Anytime they do that we need to be able to let the ball loose and be able to throw it. [Antwaan] Randle El threw a strike without a warm-up, so that kind of put the heat on me from that standpoint. I like to see a lot of those things in the offense because it makes the game exciting, and it makes teams realize that we're not going to be one-dimensional. We'll utilize both the pass and the run. It was a team win today. Our defense got turnovers and got us good field position."

On the touchdown to TE Todd Yoder:

"We ran the play action. Actually the guy covering him played with me at Auburn [Karlos Dansby], and he's a real smart guy. He kind of sniffed it out and was overrunning the play, so it gave Yoder the opportunity to catch the ball at his back shoulder. I've got to give kudos to Yoder because he kept his head up."

On finishing in the red zone: "You want to score touchdowns in this League, and if you're not able to score touchdowns then there are always going to be those close games. One thing I like about our team is that we kept our composure. We had a penalty, which moved us back, but we were still able to get in field goal range. We kept moving the ball. I think the difference between this season and last season is that when we have to get a first down late in the game and keep the ball, we've been able to do that this season."

On not giving up turnovers:

"It's all a team effort. As an offense, we always talk about trying to protect the football and make the right decisions. We've just got to keep working and keep a conscience effort of it."

On scrambling under pressure:

"I lost 15 lbs over the last month and half, so I'm getting a little bit of my speed back. I was at 240 and I weighed 223 on Friday. I guess you can say [Coach] Zorn is really working me. I'm still eating well though, so I guess it's just the hard work."

Redskins Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On QB Jason Campbell:

"I'm loving Jason. He's showing that each week he's in charge with his offense. We all need to keep getting better every day. We can't just go out there and think we've got it because it's new. Regardless of how much we know it, [the offense] is still new. I'm thrilled to see how he's progressed. As a receiver, you need your quarterback, and offensively you need your quarterback. The way he's handling situations is helping us win these games. He's done a great job."

On downfield passes:

"I love the deep stuff because it gives me a chance to be more of a runner. It opens up downfield -- you just need to be patient sometimes. If you get me started underneath, there is no telling what I can do downfield because now I've got the confidence and the will to just go out there and be a beast somewhere else. I'm loving the way our offense is being run, and I'm loving the way he [Jason Campbell] is throwing the ball around to everybody."

On getting TD passes:

"It's all about the opportunities that you have. Last year the opportunities were there, but we ran the ball a lot of the time down in the red zone. We attack the end zone once we get in that red zone. We're not trying to run all the time and we're not trying to pass all the time. When we have the opportunity, we're going to throw the ball and get in that end zone. So now we [the receivers] know that we're an option now. You never know when you're going to have the opportunity [to score], you've just got to be able to execute when that opportunity comes along."

Redskins Tight End Todd Yoder

On putting points on the scoreboard:

"Things are starting to click with us and we are starting to get more and more confident each game."

On the play calling against the Cardinals:

"I think we had a mixture of plays and we did a good job keeping the defense on their toes."

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley

On the win against the Cardinals:

"After the game against the Giants, we said that the next two games were must wins. This was a huge win for us. I think that if we continue winning games, we will look back and say that this was when we became a good team."

On the flow of the game against the Cardinals:

"I think that we got into a good rhythm in the second half and if we can continue to build on this rhythm then I believe we will become even better."

On the matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles:

"We have a very tough game next week and will prepare the best we can. We will take our confidence with us to Philadelphia, but we really have to work hard to get by them."

On last week's Eagles and Cowboy matchup:

"Both offenses looked outstanding and I believe that both of those defenses were better than what they showed."

Redskins Safety Reed Doughty

On defending Cardinals wide receivers Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald:

"We gave up too much early on some of their first downs, runs and third downs. We had a few busts, but it was nothing that they were doing, we just had some miscommunication. Once we settled that down, I think we really came together in the second half and played solid."

On Redskins cornerback Carlos Roger's interception:

"I loved seeing Carlos get a pick because I keep telling him that he has good hands and that he just needs to go out and prove it. I think it's going to be one of many more to come."

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