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Ramsey likely won't play until Houston game Redskins coach Steve Spurrier said it's unlikely that rookie quarterback Patrick Ramsey will play until the Houston game on Dec. 22. Spurrier said Danny Wuerffel will start this week and he said the way Philadelphia looked against St. Louis, it would be unfair to play him at the Vet. But Spurrier wants Ramsey to play some more, so look for him to face the Texans.

Also, Spurrier said he wants to see more of players such as running back Ladell Betts and receiver Darnerien McCants. The latter has had his chances, but still struggles with his knowledge of the offense. Washington needs to know what it has in Betts because of the uncertainty regarding Stephen Davis' future.

Betts probably won't start, but he is expected to play more.

''We feel more free to sub the younger guys than before,'' Spurrier said.

Spurrier knows the playoff hopes aren't mathematically dead--one more loss does it--but he also knows it'll take more than a longshot. It would take four straight Washington wins and four straight Eagles losses. That's unlikely.

. . . Spurrier also learned a valuable lesson: he needs a return specialist, something the Redskins lacked this season. Thing is, before the season one national NFL writer said the most common mistake among college coaches jumping to the pros is their treatment of special teams.

That certainly was true this season as Spurrier paid little attention to special teams. During one practice this summer, he chatted casually with several beat writers while the special teams practiced.

. . .The Redskins released kicker James Tuthill and signed former San Francisco kicker Jose Cortez, hoping a change of scenery does wonders for the former 49ers struggling kicker.

Cortez was waived Nov. 26. He had decent numbers, making 18 of 24 field goals--and 18 of 25 last season--but he missed one potential game-winning kick (though saving himself by winning the game later) and missed another one that cost his team.

San Francisco special teams coach Bruce DeHaven recommended Cortez to Washington special teams coach Mike Stock.

''Bruce said he thought a change of scenery would be beneficial for this kid,'' Stock said. ''We're hoping that will take place here.''

. . . Washington signed punter Craig Jarrett, sensing that Bryan Barker will miss the rest of the season because of his open nasal fracture. The Redskins don't want to risk further injury by playing Barker.

. . . Washington waived Kato Serwanga from the injured reserve list. Because he's not vested, the Redskins save themselves from having to pay him for the last four games.

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