Danny Wuerffel's Conference Call

Do you feel if you personally could have had some consistency at quarterback, it would have a difference to the team?<BR> It's really hard to say what could have happened if we had done this. Certainly, as a competitor, I would have been itching to get out there playing and wanted to be. When I was hurt, that was tough as well, but I can't say if it would have made a difference.

So you can't say if it would have made a difference?

I can't say.

What were the expectations this team had in training camp?

Well, certainly, there was a lot of commotion with coach Spurrier coming and a lot of excitement and media attention and we had a lot of players, some big name players, so there were a lot of expectations. Certainly, we had those of ourselves as well. Certainly there has been a level of frustration to where we are. But, we are where we are and we are going to make the best of it for the rest of the year.

How difficult is it to maintain focus on the rest of the season when the playoffs are now a distant memory?

You know, sometimes in life it is real easy to be motivated and circumstances motivate you themselves. Other times it really comes down to character and a lot of other things. I think we have a lot of guys on this team who have a lot of depth to them, are serious about what they do and are professionals. I think that's what it takes. When there is some adversity, you have to dig deep and have a lot of integrity and play your heart out regardless of the circumstances.

How has Spurrier handled the NFL vs. the controlled environment of college football?

I think what he does is he keeps trying to get better, trying to figure out what went wrong and how you can improve it. One thing I said at the beginning of the year when everyone asked was coach Spurrier's system going to be effective, was we'll find out. The thing was very confident of was that he is going to find a way to be a very successful coach in this league. I still believe that.

Have you seen a lot of frustration in him that you didn't see at Florida?

I think there is frustration when you don't win football games and certainly at Florida, we won so many times that it wasn't a big issue that we had to deal with often. We haven't had the big year that everyone hoped for, but we have to deal with what we have and that's what we have right now.

Have you seen or heard anytime from him that reminds you he is still the same guy who coached you at Florida?

No question. He's coach Spurrier. He is himself. He has his own personality and the way he goes about his business. You certainly don't change who you are and he is still the same person.

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