Return of the Whisper Room

Is Jon Jansen really intent on staying?

Redskins right tackle Jon Jansen told the Washington Post that he'd like to remain a Redskin and wouldn't mind being named the transition player.

We're not buying it. At least not completely. In this league, anything can happen and what is accurate one day is completely different a week later. Maybe that's what happens in this case. Redskins fans had better hope that's the case.

But we know Jansen has told others different things, that the craziness of the past month has convinced him maybe he'd better off somewhere else. Again, money talks louder than anything--even to a guy like Jansen.

However, his body language has said a lot the past month and what it's said louder than anything is this: he's not happy. Maybe it's just the losing--again. Or maybe it's playing for a coach who's still trying to get a grip on the NFL. Regardless, it's all why we'd still lean toward him playing elsewhere next season.

But we're sure of this: if he gets to free agency unsigned, he's gone.

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