Rat Boy's RANT III <BR>Why can't we beat the boys?

This is a question that is on just about every Redskins' fans' mind. Why on earth can't the Redskins beat the Cowboys? I mean really. WHAT IS IT?!?!? I have heard tons of theories on why we keep losing to this team, but I usually find a hole in each and every one. So, I am not under the impression that there is NO logical reason as to why the Redskins simply can't beat the Cowboys

This losing streak to Dallas started in 1997. Gus Frerotte was the starting QB back in 1997. He started the 2nd game against Dallas in that season. That was our first of ten straight losses. Sine that game, five QB's have started, and lost to the Cowboys. Since that game, Trent Green, Brad Johnson, Jeff George, Tony Banks, and Danny Wuerffel have all started, and LOST to the Dallas Cowboys. That is six total QB's who have been beaten at the hands of the Cowboys.

Also, in 1997, the starting running back was Terry Allen. Then in 1999, Stephen Davis took over. Sine 1997 we have had many different starting Wide Receivers as well.

So, can we blame it on the players and having it in their heads that the Redskins simply can't beat the Cowboys? I wouldn't think so. There has been far too much player turnover since 1997.

Some say "It's the coach's fault!!!!". But Norv Turner, Terry Robiskie, Marty Schottenheimer, and Steve Spurrier have all lost to the Cowboys as the head coach of the Redskins at the time of the game during this streak. We have also had at least four defensive coordinators. Mike Nolan, Ray Rhodes, Kurt Schottenheimer, and Marvin Lewis have all lost to the Cowboys as the defensive coordinators. Can we blame it on coaches? I mean, I guess we could, but it seems that it wouldn't be the coach when four coaches couldn't get the job done.

We have had two owners since the streak began. John Cooke and Dan Snyder have both owned the team at the time of the losses to the Cowboys. So, can we really blame the owner of today, Dan Snyder? The first three games of the losing streak were not under his watch. If memory serves, Jack Cooke passed in April of 1997. The streak started in 1997. Did our ability to beat the darn Cowboys get buried with our former and legendary owner? That surely doesn't sound like a logical choice.

We have also had several General Mangers or Front Office combinations. Charlie Casserly, Vinny Cerrato, Joe Mendes, and Marty Schottenheimer have all been in the Front Office during this streak. This would be my most logical choice as to why we have the losing streak. But the one catch is, that Casserly has assembled teams able to beat the Cowboys in the past, but, he has also been the GM during some of the early losses in the streak.

It is just the weirdest thing to me.


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