Fantasy Forecast

Which Redskins should you play in your fantasy league this weekend?

Clinton Portis: Every team has been able to dominate St. Louis in time of possession. One reason: of the 140 times the Rams' opponents have run the ball, 50 have gone for at least five yards. And six have been for 21 yards or longer. One more: they've allowed at least seven runs of 10 yards or more in each of the past three games. In other words: play him!

Jason Campbell: The Rams have allowed 12 pass plays of 20 yards or more. Their corners are terrible. They only have two takeaways. Need more?

Santana Moss: See above. Of course, if they try to double him it could open up more for Antwaan Randle El. But because the corners are bad, double teams might not help. Also, he caught no passes last week. Think that will happen again?

Redskins' defense: There is talent on this offense, but the Rams average just 10.8 points per game. The Redskins haven't had a sack since Jason Taylor was hurt. He returns, so this is a chance to get some. Here's another consideration: they should be up big in this game, meaning more chances for sacks and interceptions.

Chris Cooley: The big plays against the Rams have gone to the wideouts. But this is the best tight end they will have faced thus far. Is there a reason not to play him?

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