Redskins Report

Five inches of snow altered the Redskins practice schedule, but not their plan for Sunday.

. . . Steve Spurrier says he's listened to too many people about his game plans. Now he's back to doing things his way. Like that's worked--or has he forgotten Jacksonville, the first Philly game, the Giants game and the 49ers loss. In each case Spurrier fell in love with the passing attack. In each case the Redskins lost.

We think his system can work, but with this talent (read: below average, especially for passing) he must strive for balance. Otherwise they'll lose again. Thing is, New York's defense is banged up so his preference for a wide-open attack might actually be a good idea.

That said, the real problem with Washington's offense is simple: speed. The Redskins have almost none. Coupled with Danny Wuerffel's weak arm, that makes Washington easy to defend.

. . . The Redskins only practiced for an hour today, at least half of what they had hoped to get in because of the snow. By the way, Spurrier played in two games in the snow as a professional. Yours truly attended one: a 7-0 Cleveland win over San Francisco in the early 1970s.

. . . The Redskins cut kicker Brett Conway. He had been on the injured reserve list since Sept. 10. Conway has spent parts of five seasons with Washington, but his various leg injuries have left his career in jeopardy.

. . . New kicker Jose Cortez might miss a few field goals, but don't blame the pressure. Growing up in El Salvador Cortez witnessed lots of casualties in the country's war. He eventually fled with his mother and sister, joining with his dad in California. Cortez recalled seeing missiles fired from nearby mountains into his city in El Salvador. To reach the United States, Cortez had to race across the San Diego Freeway (to avoid the INS), holding the hand of his younger sister. People have been killed trying the same thing. After that, a 39-yard kick just doesn't seem like such a big deal.

. . . Cortez and new punter Craig Jarrett both played for San Francisco. But Jarrett didn't hold for Cortez--he held for the other kicker, Jeff Chandler. However, Cortez and Chandler like their ball placed the same way--tilted insided toward the kicker with the laces at 12 o'clock--which should ease any transition.

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