Ten Spot Review

1. Have the Redskins recovered from Sunday's upset? Yes. They did. But we didn't think focus was ever a problem for this team, despite Clinton Portis' comments after the Rams' loss. Portis maybe had his own issues, but no one else really backed him up. In fact, it was Portis himself who kept saying the word, "Championship" on a Redskins.com TV show.

So maybe he needed more focus. If so, he had it. We also thought the bigger issue was that maybe Washington wasn't as good as everyone thought after six weeks. The Redskins have hit the soft spot of their schedule and, if not for a woeful performance by Cleveland QB Derek Anderson, might be 0-2 in this stretch.

2. Who will play?

We didn't think Shawn Springs would and he in fact did not. But we also thought Portis would play despite missing time during the week for a hip injury. Portis finished with 175 yards rushing, so it's safe to say he was feeling OK.

3 . How much will Shaun Alexander play Sunday?

We thought it might be more than anticipated, based on Portis' health. Instead, he played very little and ran the ball three times. Really, that's what we initially expected before Portis' hip had issues. Alexander had one nice run, but Rock Cartwright was just as effective.

4. Have the punting problems been solved?

We didn't think they had been, but that Ryan Plackemeier would be an upgrade. I guess he was. Barely. Plackemeier averaged 37.3 yards on eight punts, with a net of 28.8 and had landed two punts inside the 20. More efforts like that and we'll have another punt off real soon.

5. Are the Browns suddenly hot?

We weren't convinced that Cleveland had turned it around after one big win. Guess we were right. The Browns' offense sputtered once again, plagued by early-season issues: dropped passes and bad throws. They deserved to lose by much more than three points.

6. What must the Redskins worry about defensively?

We thought it was Jamal Lewis. He gained 80 yards on 19 carries and had some nice physical runs. But he did not control the game and the Redskins often used Chris Horton in the box to help contain Lewis. It worked. He had one 22-yard run but for the most part was slowed.

7. Anything else?

We thought If Anderson got hot, he would be dangerous. We're trying to figure out how a guy who is 6-foot-6 has so many passes batted down. Also, on the Browns' last drive, he and Braylon Edwards could not hook up. There was a miscommunication on one blitz that Edwards failed to read – it would have been an easy catch and 10-yard gain. On a third down, Anderson missed an open Edwards around the 15- yard line. Carlos Rogers played well vs. Edwards, but the Browns passing game bailed him out at times.

8. What are the concerns with Cleveland's defense?

Nose guard Shaun Rogers is a force inside – when motivated. And he was motivated. Rogers had his way at times with center Casey Rabach. But it certainly didn't stop the Redskins' running game. They finished with 193 yards on the ground.

9. Why do the Browns intercept so many passes (nine)?

Quick corners and excellent reads on the quarterback. The Browns had one interception dropped by a linebacker, which is as close as Jason Campbell has come to throwing a pick this season. But for the most part he avoided danger thanks in part to Jim Zorn's playcalling. He was much more conservative, knowing they could run the ball all day on Cleveland. There was no need to force anything. So they didn't.

10. Who will win?

We picked the Redskins to win by six, but did not feel good about the choice. Washington was a bit banged up entering the game and the Browns had won two straight. But playing at home was the difference. Again, based on the way Cleveland's offense played – and it wasn't due solely to the Redskins' defense – this game should not have come down to a missed field goal at the end. But 5-2 is 5-2 and the Redskins only need to keep winning. And that Rams loss doesn't look so=2 0bad now, does it?

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