Conference call with: Kerry Collins

Q: Any advice for Patrick Ramsey?

A: [Laughs]. Be patient if you can. It takes a while to consistenly be a good quarterback in this league. I would say just learn as much as you can and be patient. A lot of times it's not fun, but there are better days ahead.

Q: Are you surprised by the talk surrounding Jim Fassel's job?

A: That's just the nature of the position. You start to lose games and maybe you look at things that could have gone either way. Certain things happen that are out of your control and all of a sudden you're on the hot seat. It goes with a lot of positions in the NFL, most of all the head coach and quarterback. In this town there's always someone ready to write that your job's in jeopardy.

Q: Do you feel you're playing for his job?

A: I don't know exactly. I don't have a feel for what the organization is thinking. I don't sense anyone in here is playing with the mindset that if we don't play well Jimmy will lose his job. Guys like him and respect him and he's done a lot for this team.

Q: How is the mood in your locker room?

A: Our spirits are up. We're angry with the way we've played. We're disappointed, but at the same time we want to play better. You see the motivation in our guys and by no means is anyone packing it in. Hopefully we can play well this weekend.

Q: How do you explain the Giants' tumble since the Super Bowl appearance?

A: Every year is different, regardless of what happened two years ago. We haven't played to that level. We've shown signs of playing well, but not putting it together. It's no fluke getting to the Super Bowl. To say that's a fluke is wrong. We just made too many mistakes and that's disappointing. At times you wonder why it's going the way it is and you're not able to put a finger on it. You can look at a lot of different things. But there are just too many mistakes.

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