October 23: They Said What?!?!?!

See what Jim Zorn, Greg Blache, and Kedric Golston spoke with the media today. Here is what they had to say.

Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the status of wide receiver Malcolm Kelly:
"We are going to give him a chance to rest, but it's moving towards putting him completely down and ending his season. We are going to rest him through the bye week and then we are going to try and come out and work him hard to see if his knee will come out right. If it doesn't we are just going to go IR. He has so much potential to give us something this year and once you make a decision or decide to put him on injured reserve you can't have it back. I think we should be proactive to try and get that knee to quiet down towards the end of the season and into the playoffs that would give us more flexibility."

On the health status of defensive end/ linebacker Jason Taylor and running back Clinton Portis:
"Jason Taylor's wound is healing, we are just giving him a little rest, but he will be there on Sunday. Clinton had some limited reps this morning. He actually went through the whole morning practice, ran and we pulled him off. We are going to continue to massage him (Clinton Portis) and get him ready to go."

On the top corners not fully participating in practice:
"Sean will probably be the only guy that's not going to go. The other two guys are going to go, we just have to give them rest. They practiced this morning, they are just sore and we are trying to give them an opportunity to play hard on Sunday."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache

On linebacker London Fletcher:
"I think that leadership is one of the things that London exudes besides being a good football player and athlete. I think his leadership ability that he brings to this football team is exceptional. Not necessarily football leadership, but personal leadership and I think that's one of the most impressive things about him. He's playing great and playing as well as I ever seen linebackers play. He's had some huge games, but it's not just the tackles or the passes he is breaking up, its keeping this defense together, and moving forward."

On the Detroit Lions:
"Calvin Johnson is a first round draft pick who is 6-5 and runs a 4.2. He's averaging 21 yards a catch and had a 96 and 58-yarder on Sunday. We don't have a player on our team who averages 21 yards a catch. It's very easy to overlook the quality players that they have. They have a running back (Kevin Smith) that's a rookie who's averaging 4.9 a carry which is only a tenth behind Clinton Portis who's leading the league, so there are a lot of good things that are overlooked because of the record."

On defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin:
"He has been playing some of his best football particularly last week. I think that was one of the best games that I think I‘ve seen Cornelius play in years. Not necessarily the most obvious to outsiders, but his technique, and reads were good. He really has been a big player for us this season. Probably not as outwardly as in the past, but when we lost Phillip Daniels he filled that void and leadership. He took over that role, picked up the flag, and kept charging the beach, he's a big time leader. As quiet as he is and as much as he doesn't necessarily like to be vocal, he's taken that challenge. He's been a very good player who has developed and matured. I think a lot of the success that we've had defensively is a credit to Cornelius."

On whether defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin will play against the Detroit Lions:
"We will make that decision in the next day or so. Hopefully he is ready to go, but there's a good chance that he won't. If he is not then we are not going to let him go and chance him getting injured even worse. We have a big run in November and December and he is a big part of who we are so the doctors and the coach will make that decision in the next day or so."

Defensive Tackle Kedric Golston

On how proud he is of the play of the defensive line:
"Its exciting because we've put forth a lot of work in the off season and to go out and make some plays to help our team win is exciting because we work so hard at it and for it to pay off on Sundays is always a good thing."

On whether he is frustrated with the lack of numbers even though they are still winning:
"Of course we want a lot of sacks, but I don't think that anyone would substitute sacks for wins. The main thing is to win football games, if we were leading the NFL in sacks and we are 2-5 then who cares about it. We are trying to correct that problem and get more sacks, but as long as we keep winning we will take that any day."

On defensive tackle Cornelius Griffin:
"He is a great leader and Pro Bowl caliber player in this league and a great guy. He's always given us younger guys wisdom on things to do to help us in the game. He sets the standard of how to work during the week and that transfers over to Sunday. He's is a real professional. It's his job to go out there and play football, so that's what he's trying to do. He has a banged up shoulder, but he will do anything for this team to try and win football games."

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