They Said What: Redskins' Quotes

Jim Zorn and several players had something to say after the Redskins beat the Lions on Sunday. See what Zorn, along with Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Carlos Rogers and London Fletcher had to say.


On special team play:
"We said coming in, actually for the last three weeks, we're just going to get Santana (Moss) an opportunity to get out there and return a punt. It was nothing that we saw. It was just part of the program, if you will,, that Danny (Smith) and I have for our return team."

On WR Santana Moss:
"I was telling everybody, you know, it was just (an) unbelievable heroic effort by Santana to even stay on his feet because they had him, dead to right, right there. And once he got open, he's tough to catch in the open field, and he ended up breaking it. So it was really all Santana and just to have our guys-and those are hard plays to not have penalties on as well. And we stayed away from penalties. It was just a huge play by our special teams. "He has that. When you watch him catch a pass, he's got a spin-move; he's got a strain to get away from a defender. He's got all kinds of things, little tricks that he owns to keep the play alive. He's a very hard guy to bring down and he is a savvy ball-player."

On the season so far:
"You know I told all the rookies today: 'Okay guys halfway through the season.' That's kind of a shock for a young player to go as long as we have with five preseason games, eight regular season games, and to tell them oh by the way, you're halfway. So that's a little bit of a reality check for those guys. And then secondly, we were 3-1 in our first four and now 3-1 in our second four, so we're feeling very solid about our record anyway, about being 6-2 starting into this second part. Now this is the push here where the teams begin to define themselves halfway through the season. And so, we're hoping that we can kind of keep this thing going."

On QB Jason Campbell's touchdown pass to Moss:
"Yes, unbelievable play, okay. We went empty, and they tried to blitz us. Now we didn't even have it protected. This is a heroic play and throw by Jason Campbell. Because I don't know if you noticed but he had to make an avoid move and then have the sense to not bolt but to know that it was happening and then Santana beat his guy. You know that was a risk for them, and they actually won. If you think about what they have, they actually won the risk because we didn't have it protected. So it took a player, making a play to have that go because Santana he was the recipient of a heroic play by Jason. It was pretty awesome."


On the touchdown pass to WR Santana Moss:
"He was going on reads on that play. But you know first things first, you have to make sure you protect it first, and then we worry about the progression. But on that play, you know the guy came, and we work on drills every day where you have to move and avoid and reset your feet. It's just a testimony to what we do every day in practice. Santana (Moss) did a good job of running the route. You know he's so electric after the catch. He caught the ball and he still was able to stay in bounds and get up the sideline and score. He is such an explosive receiver."

On whether or not Washington was expecting Detroit to blitz:
"Yes, I did anticipate it. We were trying to get out to it. We just had just a little bit of confusion right there on it, but you know we did see it coming, but that was a big part of the reason why I was able to avoid him because I did expect it."

On being prepared to take what the defense is giving you:
"Most definitely. We were thinking that because I got into a rhythm. The receivers got into a rhythm, the offensive line did an outstanding job of giving us the time to hit those plays that develop longer, and it gives you the opportunity to stay balanced. Don't let them just think that you (are) going to come out and just pound the ball right down at them and not try to take our shots and not try to play our game offensively. You know over the weeks Coach (Zorn) has been doing a good job of just taking what the defense gives us. You know if the passing game is good with it, if the run game is good with that - you know you just have to be prepared for all scenarios in every situation."

On making mistakes:
"And every time it's us. You know it's us. Like I said, we're moving the ball up and down the field, we're getting into a rhythm, we're getting into a groove. You know it's either a penalty or a turnover or something that set us back, and we've got to just eliminate those things. Just understand that if we could get seven, we wouldn't be in so many tight games. You know we could continue to press on and continue to score points because moving the football is not a problem. You know it's just contain and sustain drives without stop breaking ourselves."


On the game:
"It was a grind-it-out day. We kept plugging as a team. Things started great and finished great. Anytime you can get that and end up with a win, it is a good day."

On a miscommunication:
"That is what it was, a miscommunication. We can't let it go further than that. I think I took it personally, and I shouldn't have. I have to understand that these are my teammates and I have to be accountable to my teammates, be out and communicate better."

On being pulled from the game:
"It wasn't even that. It was basically just a miscommunication, not letting him know that Shaun (Alexander) was going in. It was one play. I think it was just blown out of proportion. He was excited and I was excited. When two grown men get excited and two grown men need to win, you have miscommunication."

On when he was injured during the game:
"I actually stopped. I felt my knee going, so I kind of jumped and rolled my ankle. My ankle was already tweaked, so it was just a sharp pain for a second and I had to calm down. With my high-ankle, it is like a sharp pain. Once I rolled it around a couple times, I felt it calming down. I told the trainers it was calming down, and they just said to sit there and let (the pain) stop."


On the big punt return:
"When coach (asked) me, do I have one in me, I just told him 'yeah' and you know, when I'm out there, when I have the ball in my hand I pretty much pretend I'm a punt returner at all times. Because you see guys coming at you but you know one sudden move here and there can make him stop and then you can burst again and kind of run away from him. So when Devin (Thomas) hit me, I start after I caught the ball, I was telling myself to go down. I didn't want to lose anymore yards and you know, put us in a tough situation. But as I came off his contact, I seen everybody was pretty much lined up so I just tried to see what I could do with it, once I got across the-passed the first couple of guys I just-you know, the next level was just to run into the zone."

On the touchdown pass:
"I see (them) getting ready to blitz and that gave me one-on-one with the safety and it was just a perfect call for that particular coverage they ran. Because we've been running those corners all year, and they played the perfect defense, and it was just perfect for us this time. The guy came down, he was a safety, man-to-man, I had the corner routing. I just gave him a move and you know, off to the races, and perfect throw; perfect play; perfect situation and then the thing in my mind was going to say 'hey don't give in now, just score'. Because you need those kind of plays. You can't ever have them back."

On the Redskins team:
"I feel that every given time that we're out there, you never know who can make a play but we want to do something as a offense and we're just running, rather than just pass. I feel like we're capable. You know what I mean? I feel like enough in this offense, as far as fire power that any guy can make a play. So as long as we carry our assignments and just be poised, we can really overcome some of the situations. We put ourselves in holes time and time again and it's off the little things, and if we can eliminate some of those little things and we won't look as bad when it comes to some of the times that-some of the hours we have out there. You know, with that in mind, when we do have those little miscues or those little hiccups, we just say lets pull through and let's make a play."


On how the secondary played:
"We won the cause and that is the big thing. But they did come out trying to throw the ball and tried to establish that. From both sides of the ball, we just have to come out and not play to these guys level. I think that is the same thing that happened in the (St. Louis) Rams game. Of course we came out with a win this time, but with a team like (the Lions) at any point they can get it and try to go with it."

On what was said during the halftime talk:
"Just do what we got to do. It wasn't much. Just protect the ball, not give up turnovers, get turnovers, settle down and play and not to play on these guys level."

On if he had to change his game due to the Lions' receiving corps personnel adjustments:
"Not for me. I was on a man (coverage), so there wasn't a difference for me. If I was going on Roy (Willams), it probably would have been different, but I was on Calvin (Johnson) so it wasn't that different."

On the defense's play with the team's injuries:
"I think everybody played good. We came out with the victory, and that is the most important thing. Even though everybody is banged up, we toughed it out and came out with the win. It comes down to things like that at times like that where you have to tough it out and go no matter what, which we did."


On the team's play in the second half:
"The coaching staff did a great job of making adjustments in the second half. Really it was just a matter…whether they ran it or passed it, we just didn't play our style of defense in the beginning."

On what adjustments they made for the second half:
"It wasn't even about adjustments; it was more about understanding what your doing and then executing whatever your defensive of responsibility was. Coach Blache just told us at halftime, all he said was do your job, that's it. That's all he had to say because we weren't executing our coverage's the way they were supposed to be executed. We weren't hitting up our run defense the way it needs to be run either."

On the performance of the secondary despite being banged up:
"Well, I think those guys did a great job. Johnson (Lions WR Calvin Johnson) he made a couple plays in the passing game, but you know he's a big target. I think CB Carlos Rogers did another great job of covering their top guy. The secondary guys, you know LaRon Landry and Mike Green came in and did a great job for us. Fred Smoot had a key pass break up on third down at the end the game, so he played good, he was good in the run front as well."

On the 4th down play to DET WR Calvin Johnson to seal the game:
"It was a situation where they ran what we call crossing routes trying to get something quick, thinking that we were in a man-to-man coverage. We actually were playing a little bit of zone defense, and I just saw him crossing from the backside and really just timed it. At the time I hit hopefully, and just hoped that he didn't get the first down and I was fortunate. Praise God for being in the position to make a play."

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