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Who do the Redskins think is the most intimidating player on the team? Most obnoxious fans? Biggest prankster. What is Antwaan Randle El's weakness. Hint: it's not a good name for a receiver. We talked to four players to find out for a story that will appear in the upcoming issue of Warpath:

Antwaan Randle El

Most intimidating teammate: London Fletcher

Most obnoxious fans: Philly

Toughest individual opponent: Charles Woodson. He's smart and slow plays everything.

Pre-game ritual: I'm always praying before the game. I always have to call my dad.

Biggest prankster: Mike Sellers. He'll do it every day and all day. Those guys [Casey Rabach, Jon Jansen]… it's big stuff, like they'll take your car and park at Wegmans somewhere or take your clothes and you're like, ‘Where are my clothes?' and you look over and they're in the cold tub. That's why people rarely mess with them two.

Best leader: James Thrash

Worst habit: Candy; eating sweets like Butterfingers. The last month I've cut down; me and James have this pact.

Khary Campbell

Most intimidating teammate: Cornelius Griffin

Most obnoxious fans: Oakland Raiders

Pre-game ritual: I call my wife before I get to the stadium

Toughest individual opponent: Reggie Bush in kick returns.

Biggest prankster: Mike Sellers

Best leader: London Fletcher

Worst habit: Biting my nails

Anthony Montgomery

Most intimidating teammate: Jason Fabini

Most obnoxious fans: Philly

Pre-game ritual: Every game me and Chris Wilson and Rob Jackson go out together. We run 100 yards. Then they do their thing and I do mine. We stretch and then at the end of warm-ups we run 100 yards and go back in.

Toughest individual opponent: Leonard Davis

Biggest prankster: Mike Sellers. You don't want to get into a prank battle with Mike. He gets brutal. I'll tell you the funniest thing. When Erasmus was injured, he was in the training room asleep. I got smelling salts, two of them taped together, and stuck them under his nose and for the longest he didn't wake up and I was like this dude must be immune to it. Finally he woke up startled. It was really funny.

Best leader: Fletcher

Worst habit: Sometimes I eat too much. I've gotta make weight each week. My thing is with junk food. Sometimes I go on binges and eat junk food and I don't need it. And they make these M&M cookies [here]. I can't seem to get away from them.

Ethan Albright

Most intimidating teammate: Current or former? I'd have to say Big Daddy.

Most obnoxious fans: I'll say the Eagles. They'll be complimented by that.

Pre-game ritual: No strict ritual, but I like to get to the stadium early. If it's a one o'clock game I'm there by 9.

Toughest individual opponent: It's the Cowboys. They've got an excellent field goal rush. It used to just be Flozell [Adams], but he wasn't out there last time.

Biggest prankster: A tie between Jansen and Rabach.

Best leader: London Fletcher

Worst habit: Nutrition. I've got four little guys at home and I clean up. When they leave food on their plate, I can't throw it out. It's not a healthy habit.

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