Lewis still deciding

Redskins defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis said he's still deciding whether or not he wants to be the head coach at Michigan State, despite published reports saying he's already told the Redskins he's staying.

But Lewis doesn't want to make a hasty decision, which he felt he did last offseason in returning to Baltimore so fast after getting rejected by Tampa Bay. It's likely he's decided to remain, but wanted to sleep on his decision.

Michigan State officials said he wasn't offered the job and Lewis declined comment when asked if he had been offered. However, it's likely that Lewis was offered the position, but this gives Michigan State a chance to lose and save face when it pursues other candidates.

''I haven't made a decision about what's going on,'' Lewis said Monday night. ''I have to visit with the people who are important to me and make the decision that's right for everybody. It's important for both parties to get the direction and bring it to a head. Any decision I make is what's best for the next six or seven years and I want to make sure it's the right one.''

Lewis met with Michigan State officials in East Lansing on Monday, having breakfast and lunch with the school's president, Peter McPherson. Lewis also met with athletic director Ron Mason.

The Redskins hope he sticks around for continuity sake. If he leaves, Washington would be on its fifth defensive coordinator in five years, though only corner Champ Bailey would have played for all five.

''You can't build any chemistry or cohesiveness,'' Redskins middle linebacker Kevin Mitchell, a free agent at season's end, said. ''It gets frustrating. It's not a healthy way to do it but what can you do? We just play football, plain and simple.''

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