October 17: They Said What?

See what Zorn, Smoot, Sellers, Thomas, Moss, Cooley, Hall, and Rabach had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On the execution of the offensive line:

"I think that is where teams fall, when they get the quarterback hit. Sometimes you like to think that the scheme took you out of the play and you look and there are answers and some of those answers are getting beat in a one-on-one situation where you have your guy and he beats you, you didn't block him. Even on defense, you have your pass rush, you didn't beat your guy, he blocked you. Those are the things that up front, on both lines, that happen. Not all the time, we had our shots. We had a couple of shots. The frustrating this is to see things happening well down the field, but not having enough time to get the play thrown or executed. Those are the frustrating things. They magnify when the result is like today, or a loss. They are just magnified. They are glaring because there are a handful of them, but they are glaring and that is what is very frustrating having to live with today."

On if the technique of the offensive line needs to be addressed:

"I heard Buges (Joe Bugel), even last night on the sideline, saying ‘you cannot duck your head.' As an offensive lineman if you are going to pass protect, you have to have your head up and if you lunge and duck your head it gives a guy that is on the move the ability to beat you. I heard him say that last night to a couple of guys. It is just that moment that slight moment, as the ball is snapped, if that happens the play can be over before it really gets started."

On if the quality of the pass rushers has affected the offensive line:

"I think what happens is when you have the quality of pass rusher [that we have been facing] you have to be perfect. You have to play with technique for 70 plays, if you have the privilege of having 70 plays. You have to play that play just like it is a perfect play for you."

On why the team is unable to score:

"I don't think it has to do with the creativeness of trying to get people unlocked down the field. It has more with to do, on offense, it takes all 11 guys doing things right so you can get it to that one guy you are trying to be real creative with or create a mismatch or get him into an area that you have cleaned out. I would say that as we work through that, you see this thing that is going to develop and then we scramble because we didn't have time or a guy gets jammed at the line of scrimmage, doesn't get off, he has to get off the press or he has to actually accelerate down the field so the play is ruined because he is so late getting down the field we can't get the ball to him. Those are the things that happen. When the players see it, it is not like the light goes on, because we have been working at it, but they can actually see. As they continue to improve, improve, improve I am optimistic about us getting better as we play faster. We are hitting on some cylinders, but we are not hitting on all of them, that is for sure."

On the technique of the offensive line:

"What it is, as a guy moves so quick, and he may have three or four moves, if you lunge at that one move, he has the counter to it. It is a bit of a sparring match, if you will. I just think that the line, they will get fooled every one in a while. We do have a quarterback that can avoid a sack. We do have a quarterback that can avoid that type of immediate free guy as well. That happened in the game when we get the ball off, but it is not going to happen all the time. I really believe this, that most teams have that frustration of getting a QB sack or getting a QB pressure. That is going to happen during a game. I don't think you can block them every single time, but when we do have the chance, we have to hit what we throw as well and we have to complete the passes."

"I will give you a couple of thoughts. When we took the shot down the field with Santana (Moss) after they scored, that would have put us on the nine-yard line. That was a deep pass. Santana went up for it. It was a volatile situation. Had he come down with it that was a huge play. We did get protection. It was executed well. It was thrown well. He had to go to heroics to make that catch and we didn't get it. That was one of those handful of plays that you wish could have gone the other way. Those kinds of plays happen as well. It just makes for a hard day today when you point your fingers at that handful of plays."

On if the hits on quarterback Jason Campbell affect his play:

"I try to prepare our quarterbacks. I always tell them this, you are going to get hit at least seven times this game and they are going to be tremendous hits and you have to get back up because quarterbacks get hit. I don't want them to go into any game thinking this is going to be hunky-dory and it is going to be a walk in the park. It never is. I try to give them that mental picture. Then, this is what happens. When they do get hit and they don't know where it came from, what I try to do is give them the correct information, here is what happened. It may be simply, this guy got beat, he whiffed. I think that helps the QB to know that it is not the scheme. Some quarterbacks if they get hit, they didn't make the right protection call or they didn't make the adjustment properly, they didn't see the hot situation and that kind of blows their minds a little bit. It gives them a lack of confidence to think, well I'm not doing my job, but if you can tell them what happened it gives them a chance to say, okay we're going to get that taken care of because he is not going to whiff twice. We have to help that guy who just whiffed. As long as the quarterback knows that we can take care of it and we are going to take care of it, I think it keeps him playing well. It keeps him playing with some confidence."

On if quarterback Jason Campbell handled the pressure well:

"I was very pleased with that. There was a couple times in there where he felt it was going to break down or he felt he was getting pressure and it wasn't even the wrong color jersey. It was our guy getting pushed back. As the quarterback is looking down the field and then you feel this presence it makes you want to move, even though it is your guy holding their guy off. It is still an effective way to pass rush, even if you are getting blocked."

On what went through his mind as he was about to get hit:

"There are several things. One, if you can see them coming, I always felt like they couldn't touch me if I saw them coming. I will say this, when you couldn't see them coming, you hit the ground so fast it didn't really hurt, you just wondered why you were on the ground because you didn't see it, so there were times like that as well. The main thing is if you sense it coming and you know you can't get out of the way it is all about ball security. It is about taking the sack, falling correctly, securing the ball and just letting the coach dial up the next play or letting us punt if it was a third down situation. That is all you can do as a QB. That is part of maintaining your poise, not trying something silly where you are getting hit and you want to get rid of the ball and you throw it up and it gets picked or something like that."

Redskins Cornerback Fred Smoot

On if the team is down on itself:

"This is a veteran team that has been around the block a couple of times. We aren't going to throw it in until it is time to throw it in. We are just going to keep moving and have a grown attitude about the thing and get ready to put in some work. Do what we have to do today, show up back at work and get ready for Seattle."

On why the defense could not get pressure on Dallas quarterback Tony Romo:

"Romo, he is very slippery. He is a pocket player. He is great. He always can make time for himself. He is not an easy guy to rush. It is nothing that I can just point at the d-line and say you didn't pressure enough. Tony can get out there and he makes his own time. He always seems to make a couple of throws. He made his own time. He made the throws and that is when we have to step in on the back end and make those plays."

On being 6-4:

"What we have to do now is just win. Point blank. We have six games to go. Let's just win and let everything else play itself out."

Redskins Fullback Mike Sellers

On his touchdown play:

"We practiced it during the week, but I didn't think it would be called. I was happy it was. None of that really matters when you lose a game."

On what happened to the offense last night:

"I don't know what to tell you. We dropped some balls. We missed a lot. Jason (Campbell) got hit quite a few times. When everybody is not on the same page, stuff like that is going to happen. We are not that good right now to have those types of mistakes."

Redskins Guard Randy Thomas

On being 6-4:

"It would have been nice to be 8-2 at this point, but the reality is we are 6-4 and we have been in this position before where we need wins. Basically, for the most part, it is the same team that is here through all those stretches. There is pressure. We have Seattle next and their offense is coming up with (Matt) Hasselbeck back in there. Every week is a challenge. We have to try play better and try to score more points."

On the offensive line:

"Recently it hasn't been good at all for us. We just have to pinpoint things and get it done. It is as simple as that. We have to win those one-on-one battles. You can have ten good plays and one bad and it can hurt the whole game. We just have to eliminate that one mistake."

Redskins Wide Receiver Santana Moss

On how the team reacts to a tough loss:

"All you can do is take it for what it is that night and then move on the next day. It is a loss and we know that, we understand that. You are going to be bitter about it a little bit the day after, but it really doesn't matter because it is over. You have to move on. You have to think ahead."

On how the Cowboys were able to keep him from making a big play:

"We had one big attempt downfield, so you can't say how were they able to stop us from making big plays. We took one shot. You have to take shots to really make big plays and that is plain and simple. I feel like you have to have opportunities to make big plays and if we didn't have the opportunity then we didn't have it. (Terence) Newman did a great job. He is a great corner. I told you that before. There were times when we probably had a chance, but we didn't get the chance, we didn't get the ball off or something. There were various things that we didn't do well to give ourselves a chance to really be successful. That is where it all starts, is with us."

On being 6-4:

"That is football. It goes up and down. All you have to do is hang in there and keep fighting. You can't just sit there and say it is always going to be peaches and cream. We go through ups, we go through downs. You have to take that into consideration and just know that there will be a brighter day. That is all you can look at."

On what aspect of the offense he is most concerned with right now:

"There is no aspect. I am not really concerned. I think we just need to go out there and do what we do and do what we do in practice regardless of the situation. Regardless of where we are at, just do what we do and we won't have a lot of these problems. When you aren't scoring then you aren't giving yourself a chance to win games. I don't care how good your defense plays, you're not giving yourself a chance. You're not even giving those guys a chance for playing the way they have been playing, so you have to score points and that is all you have to do."

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley

On what aspect of the offense he is most concerned with right now:

"I don't know. I think we are all concerned that we are not scoring a lot of points. I think that is our first concern. I think we are fine. We have great players, we can make plays, and we just need to do it. We are still in good shape. It is tough to lose two games at home. It is tough to not score points two weeks in a row at home. We are just going to keep working. We are very close. We just have to erase a few mistakes and finish off drives."

On being 6-4:

"Well, the two years we made the playoffs we had to win four and five games in a row to get in, so we are used to having our backs against the wall. I guess we are just trying to get in that position right now. We are not there yet. Six and four is fine. We have to go to Seattle and we have to get a win."

On how the offense turned so fast:

"It's not like we are getting blown out here. It was a close football game last night. Dallas did a good job of driving at the end of the game. I think we felt confidence into the fourth quarter that we were moving the ball. We didn't capitalize, but I think we were all excited that we could get the ball and have a shot at it. So to say that everything has turned, it's not that. We are four points away from a win. We are a good football team."

Redskins Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On the NFC East being so close:

"We were trying to catch the Giants and that is still our motive. We are still trying to catch those guys. We are not out of this thing. We just have to fight and crawl a little bit tougher and get back in it."

On his interception:

"It is all about winning the game. It is not about interceptions, touchdowns, how many points you give up, it is about just coming up with a W and we didn't do that. The interception did feel good, but at the same time, I came here to win."

Redskins Center Casey Rabach

On the protection issues of the offensive line:

"I think it is big. I know what this offensive line is capable of. I know what we have done in the past. To be where we are at, as far as protecting Jason (Campbell), is definitely a question mark. It is something that needs to be addressed and something that needs to be taken care of."

"It has been a combination of things at times. I think the three sacks we gave up, I can speak on the sack I gave up on the first drive, it was bad technique and give him (Jay Ratliff) credit, he beat me."

On if the lack of scoring by the offense is frusturating:

"Yeah it is frustrating, but you can't dwell on it too much and then get away from everything else. Are we capable of scoring more points? Most definitely. I think we are very talented on offense. We need to be scoring more points. I can't say enough about our defense. Week in and week out they keep us in these games. If they hold an opponent to 14 points we need to win these games."

On how disappointing is it to be a .500 team at home:

"[It is] very [disappointing]. That is where you want to play your best ball. That is where you should be playing your best ball. It is a friendly environment. It is very disappointing."

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