November 19th: They Said What?

See what Zorn, Portis, Campbell, Alexander, Plackemeier, Cartwright and Randle El had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On whether his return to Seattle will be special:

"It certainly will, but I know deep down inside I have work to do. I am not going to walk around as though it is something super great. I need to walk around as though we are going to do business. That is what I am going to continue to concentrate on."

On coaching against Mike Holmgren:

"I think Mike Holmgren has always faced the men that he has worked with [before] with a lot of respect. I will certainly try to take his lead in treating the situation with respect. He has a great admiration for the game, for his coaches, for his team and for that city. He will give us the due respect as well."

On the Seahawks:

"I think they are an excellent football team. I know the athletes they have on the team. Lofa Tatupu will not allow his group to slack at all. Brian Russell, he is a real leader on that defense in the secondary. He will get those guys lined up right, and he will make the calls. They will have something for us. We know them and they know me. Matt Hasselbeck will do everything he can. He is a tremendous competitor and he will do everything he can to put the ball in the right place and run the offense the way it is supposed to be run. They are a very scary football team and it has nothing to do with their record."

On why he is excited for this week's game:

"To lose like we did against the Cowboys and have to come back, it is hard. It takes a little bit out of you, especially with a division opponent. It just would have meant so much to win that football game and we didn't. We can't get down and mope around any longer. We have to get ready. We owe it to everybody involved with this franchise to make sure we are upbeat and fighting for the next one. We are looking for the seventh win and that is the one we want."

Redskins Running Back Clinton Portis

On his injured knee:

"It is coming along, it is sore. It is better than it was last week. I am playing this week and there are no if, ands or buts about it. I will be playing."

On whether his knee bothered him against the Cowboys:

"I tried not to notice it. I didn't have leg drive. I couldn't have high knees and pull up out of stuff. I think as far as running the ball, I did okay. When you talk about breaking tackles and having a burst of speed, I didn't have it. That is what I am working on this week."

On whether this is the toughest injury he has ever played with:

"I wouldn't say that because I've had a sternum [injury] and shoulder [injury]. Every injury, when you get it, you think it is the toughest. It is not anything that I can not fight through."

On how Coach Zorn feels about playing Seattle:

"I think he wants to get a win just like the rest of us. It has been three weeks since we have had a win and I think guys are having a lot of questions. Everybody just wants to get a win."

On playing in Seattle:

"We lost there twice in the playoffs. This is a different year, this is a different time and we have to put that behind us. Hopefully this can be our first win in the last three times we've been up there."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On whether Jim Zorn is excited for the game against the Seahawks:

"Just a little bit, but not a whole lot. He's basically treating it just like any other week. This is a very important game for us, we are 6-4 and there are a lot of teams bunched together in the NFC, so this is definitely a big game for us. It is different for him because he coached a lot of those guys for a lot of years and he has a lot of relationships with a lot of players and coaches on the Seattle team."

On playing against the Seattle Seahawks:

"Seattle is 2-8 and is going through some things this season, but their ability to come together is outstanding. If you watch the game films they play extremely hard and a lot of games could have gone the other way for them. So we are definitely playing a team that has a lot of demeanor and can play great football."

On the difficulty of playing in Qwest Field:

"It's a 12th man and is one of the loudest stadiums in the National Football League. I think that the team really feeds off of the energy of the crowd and when a lot of teams go there, one of the things that they always talk about is the crowd noise and how important it is for everyone to be on the same page and communicate."

Redskins Running Back Shaun Alexander

On his return to the Seattle:

"I enjoyed the time with the Seahawks. Getting married, my daughter being born, missing the beginning of the game and coming back and beating the Rams, the five touchdowns in one half, I enjoyed it , but when it's time to move on it's time to move on."

Redskins Punter Ryan Plackemeier

On Jim Zorn coaching against his former team:

"I think it's big for him, it's a place where he grew up and he loved it there and I'm excited for him to get a chance to coach there."

On his return to Seattle this week:

"I'm excited, but I don't think that I have to perform or prove anything to anyone. They [Seahawks] made their decision, the Redskins made their decision and I'm just excited to play."


Redskins Running Back Rock Cartwright

On the Seattle Seahawks:

"We know that they are going to be a tough opponent because they need a win just as bad as we need a win. They know our offense just like we know their offense, so it's kind of like the team who executes the best is the team that is going to win on Sunday, hopefully we can go up there, execute and put points on the board."

On beating the Seahawks and dominating:

"It doesn't matter if we dominate or not, a win is a win. We lost three at home and if we can go up there and put points on the board, I think we should be able to win the football game. Ultimately, we have to prepare this week the best that we can, go up there, catch a long flight on Friday, get some rest, and get ready for the game on Sunday."

Redskins Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On Jim Zorn coaching against his former team:

"It's going to be exciting; he's already excited about it so I think the biggest thing is to get him a win. We need win number seven any way, so why not do it against Seattle."

On the difficulty of playing in Qwest Field:

"They have a crowd that can get pretty loud and you can get pretty rattled if you don't stay on top of things, but again it just goes back to being able to start the game and finish the game in a good manner in terms of an offensive standpoint."

On having a four game winning streak then a two-game losing streak:

"It's even-keel, but you always have that sense of urgency. Let's get back in this, let's get back to our winning ways, so of course we have that, but you can't over exaggerate or get so down about it because you won't be able to focus on the next game."

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