Marvin Lewis is staying put for now

Lewis said he turned down a chance to coach at Michigan State because his desire still is to land a head coaching position in the NFL. Simple as that.

''I've been battling something in the NFL,'' Lewis said. ''I've got things left to do here. I just felt it wasn't the time. There are some things left undone and hopefully I won't give into this. For me it may have been somewhat settling [for the job] and going in a different direction.''

MSU reportedly offered a five-year $7.5 million contract. And he said the buyout clause, allowing his return to the NFL, wasn't a factor in his decision.

Now Lewis must wait until a job opens in the NFL. Detroit, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Seattle and maybe even Dallas might have openings. Some league sources suggest Lewis has hurt his chances with several poor interviews in the past.

But a threatened lawsuit by Johnnie Cochran led to a committe to promote minority hires might help Lewis' cause.

''It will certainly shed some light on the situation,'' Lewis said.

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