December 3rd: They Said What?

See what Jim Zorn, Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, Mike Sellers and London Fletcher had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On feeling a sense of urgency to win games:
"Every game is tough and we have our hands full. We've created this for ourselves with what we've done in the third quarter [of the season]and now we are 0-0 and we have a chance to try and win some games. Nothing matters about these last four games than to try and win this first one."

On playing games at night:
"It's been an honor for us because we've been looked upon as a team still worth watching and that's good because at least we're not getting bumped. It does mean something to our players, the night games add a little quicker turnaround after the game because now we have to play the next week in the daytime and every little bit helps. It is a privilege and I think our guys really enjoy being the only game on TV and playing for such high stakes."

On running back Clinton Portis:
"I think that once he decides that he can go, he doesn't hesitate and that's why I keep playing him. If I thought that he was going to hold back or he was going at a slow pace, I wouldn't have him play. When I see burst and I see him accelerate, I think that we owe it to ourselves to play him."

On the Ravens' 3-4 defense:
"We can say that this is a 3-4 defense, but they have big guys outside that can really go and they are like these really super hyped-up lineman. I don't look at it like a pure 3-4 defense where these guys are dropping back and covering people; these guys bring the heat. So, they are good athletes and I would liken them to Pittsburgh, and Dallas. Those are the two teams that they mostly resemble when it comes to their front seven."

On the Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco:
"(Joe) Flacco has done a tremendous job. I applaud that whole group and him for just being able to be tough. You have to be tough mentally to come in and absorb a good portion of the offense and pressure that it takes to play as a young player. I think that his personality has been great and it has kind of taken that from him to try and stay cool."

On Ravens' safety Ed Reed's ability to run after interceptions:
"He has ownership of that ability in the National Football League. He is that one guy who is very dangerous when he gets the ball. He's probably dropped a couple because he was running for touchdowns before he's caught it, but we have to be very stingy with the ball, so we are conscious of that, but he still gets his. He doesn't hesitate and he plays with confidence."

Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell

On how the team can play better:
"We just have to go out, play with confidence, and understand that we are in the fourth quarter of our season and these last four games of the season are our last four games to try and make the playoffs. We have to take it one game at a time."

On the Baltimore Ravens:
"This week we have a tremendous challenge. We are playing against Baltimore and they have a great football team. We have to go up there, play together and with confidence. It's going to be loud, hostile [Environment], and just another challenge that we have to face."

On playing the quarterback Position in the NFL:
"You take the good and the bad, but you don't ever get too low or too high. You have to understand that this is part of the business, part of your growth in the NFL and a part of being an NFL quarterback. You are going to get a lot of the credit when things are going right and you're going to get a lot of the blame when things aren't going right. Last month was a tough month for us offensively, so of course I'm going to get a lot of the blame, but I just go out and compete. I'm a competitor myself, so I know that I have to improve also. There are other different areas that we have to improve on as well, but I accept the challenge."

Redskins Running back Clinton Portis

On whether he found it tough not to practice and play well earlier in his career:
"Football is football, it doesn't matter how good the scheme is, and I'm still going to be required to do the same thing: find a lane to run through. In the passing game I got to swing, wide, option, out route, so it's not that hard."

On his relationship with Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis:
"When you talk about guys such as Ray (Lewis) and Edgerrin James, those are guys who really paved the way for us. They are who the young guys look up to and really go to when they have problems. I think Ray is a great character guy."

On the importance of the game against the Ravens:
"I think that this game means a lot to them also because the AFC is in a tight race as well. We have a tough four game stretch left and they have a tough four game stretch left. I think that every win that you can get this time in the season is critical. For us we need the win and I think that this change in morale will get us back on track and keep our hopes up."

On whether he changes his approach playing against a run-stopping team like the Ravens:
"It's going to be a tough game. Doesn't matter what scheme you come up with or how you think that you're going to run the ball. It's going to be a tough physical game and you have to be ready for it."

On the Raven's 3-4 defense:
"I think you look at the personnel. I think that football is about mindset and I think that their mindset is to stop the run. I think our guy's have that same mindset over here in stopping the run. When that's your main concern and that's your issue they stop pretty well, so let's just hope Sunday night they don't find their way."

On how he's been able to play through so many injuries and still put up so many yards:
"By teammates giving it all that they've got, knowing you are out playing banged up, knowing that we're putting it on the line, I think that it elevates the play of others around you. Our offensive line has been playing great and guys are blocking downfield. I think really when you step on the field, that it's the determination factor. When we are determined to run the ball the whole line blocks great, receivers block great and we win."

Redskins Full back Mike Sellers

On his feelings about how the team can score more points:
"Following the game plan, guys have to come up with the big catches, guys have to protect better to give Jason (Campbell) time to throw the ball and not be rushed. Jason making better reads, Clinton (Portis) hitting more holes, me making better blocks, we can go down the list. It's a whole team effort, it's just a matter of getting everybody to play together again and just accomplishing the little things."

On going up against Baltimore's relentless defense:
"Any given Sunday any team can win and that's the way we're taking it. We don't feel like they are that much better than us. We feel like we can get the job done."

On the importance of winning in Baltimore:
"It's important due to the fact that we are trying to make it to the playoffs and trying to get that wild card spot, and hopefully if we get a win here, we'll make it."

Redskins Linebacker London Fletcher

On the urgency of the team to win games:
"We are in a situation where we need to win. It's December football and if we want to achieve the goal that we set forth coming into the season then you have to win your games in December. It's a great challenge we have with this Baltimore Ravens football team."

On Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco:
"He's a good quarterback. He makes a lot of good throws, he has a strong arm, he's a big guy back there in the pocket. It's very surprising when you look at film and you see him as a rookie quarterback doing the things that he's been doing. He's doing a great job for them."

On the Baltimore Ravens defense:
"They come at you in a bunch of different ways. They try and confuse the offense with some of their schemes and different things. They are outstanding across the board, all 11 guys. They have guys who play their role and play it very well. Not many weakness, if any, in their defense. They create a lot of turnovers, score a lot on their turnovers, and make teams earn everything they get. When looking at their defense having seen them on some of the past opponents that we've played, they create a lot of pressure on offense."

On veteran players teaching the younger players:
"As a veteran guy you have to do your job too, so as a veteran guy you have to show guys how to prepare, practice, and execute. You can't go out, give a bunch of lip service and not execute yourself. As veterans you have to do your job first because the young guys learn from what you show them. Don't just talk a good game, show them. Show them how to prepare, practice, and how to get it done on Sunday. That's my feelings on that."

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