Redskins Report: November 3rd

How are the injuries looking? What do some players think about the "rivalry" with the Ravens? How does Pete Kendall describe playing against a 3-4 defense? Colt Brennan regressing at practice? All this and more is right here.

…Ten starters did not practice today, though almost all are expected to play. Linebacker Marcus Washington is the only starter who did not practice to already be ruled out. Linebacker London Fletcher (foot) is a game-time decision, but coach Jim Zorn said he is optimistic about him playing.

He also said he expects defensive tackle Kedric Golston (bone spur) to play. End Andre Carter (foot) is a game-time decision. He could be more questionable. Corner Shawn Springs (calf) said he will play, though with Springs it's sometimes hard to be certain. He's been rather evasive lately and when reporters, even those close to him, do get a chance to talk to him he always seems to be trying to get away. Very odd.

Regardless, Springs could have a limited role the rest of the season as the Redskins try to make sure he's always available. Even Springs said his calf won't heal until he's had a chance to rest for a while after the season.

…There's no rivalry between the Redskins and the Ravens. Even the players sort of laugh about any notion of there being one.

"Some look at it as a battle of the beltway," Rock Cartwright said. "I don't look at it that way."

"I think Baltimore fans dislike the Redskins franchise more than vice versa," Casey Rabach said.

Pete Kendall on whether he has "fun" playing against 3-4 defenses like Baltimore.

"Yeah, it's like a trip to the dentist," he said.

Kendall is one of the more popular guys among the media because he's always available and accountable, especially when times are tough as they are right now. There are a handful of guys like him – Fletcher, Carlos Rogers, Rock Cartwright -- but he certainly stands out.

…There's no doubt that Zorn doesn't quite trust his young receivers. He admitted today that they don't scare defenses. Zorn had a hard time coming up with examples of routes that Malcolm Kelly is running better as an example of his growth.

…It's hard to know what players are doing in practice or how they're progressing. But for those Colt Brennan fans out there, from what we've heard he might be regressing. That comes from someone who is able to watch more of practices than we can. It's funny to see how many people think he's the answer down the road. The Redskins aren't even sure if that's the case.

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