December 4th Quotes

See what Jim Zorn, Greg Blache, Rock Cartwright, DeAngelo Hall, Jon Jansen and Chris Cooley said.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On whether it is frustrating to not have control of what a player does in the game:

"My frustration is that a handful of things that happened poorly in the game were not forced by the defense. It's not me having control, it's just us going out there and not doing what we originally practice. That's irritating."

On the Ravens use of three running backs:

"I think that it has kind of been the norm amongst several teams this year where you are using multiple backs for different situations. These guys have different styles and talents. To be able to use them in different situations makes it difficult for the defense when you're facing the varied speeds, quickness and the physicalness of some of those guys. I think that it's a real advantage."

On whether he is frustrated with kicker Shaun Suisham:

"Not from a standpoint of you have to get out of here. We're trying to develop him into a solid kicker and different things have happened everytime." There isn't anybody more frustrated than Shaun. We can talk about how mad we are and how frustrated we are, but I think he is a very conscious young man who knows what's at stake. He's going to continue to push through to develop the rhythm and confidence to ignite our football team. He's made a bunch [Field goals] too, but when you miss a few it's very grim and he just needs to get back on the right track."

Redskins Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache

On the Ravens defense:

"They have one of the finer defenses in the league, not just this year, but for the last five to ten years. I think them, along with Pittsburgh, are the elite of our league defensively. I think that when you are watching those two teams play, you have to appreciate it. These guy's hit you, they run the ball with consistency, they play with a since of urgency, they smother offenses, and they are fun to watch."

On the Ravens running game:

"It's very rare to see a football team have three backs of that talent and caliber. They keep bringing them at you in waves and it's unusual because a lot of teams don't even have two. They feature running the football, they have a good defense, a young quarterback, and they use the running game to help protect him and keep him from being put in long yardage situations."

On Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco:

"I'm very impressed. For a young quarterback to come in and do all the things that he's done in this league is exceptional. His ability to read the coverage, manage the offense, handle pressure in pressure situations, I think the guy has done a phenomenal job. The coach [Jim Harbaugh] has done a good job of giving him packages and giving him things fit him and allow him to grow faster than a lot of other players. They didn't force the system on him, they created the system around him to be the best that he can be."

On cornerback DeAngelo Hall:

"He is a very competitive player with an unusual talent. He's very smooth and fluid in his ability to do things, and has sense of the football so he can make a play at the ball when it's there. We've been very comfortable with him and feel like he is a premiere shutdown corner. You'll see more and more of him as we go through these next few weeks. We are going to start to feature him and give him the opportunity to really kind of lead us back there to see if we can come up with some turnovers."

On the scheme against the Ravens:

"Each year when we make our run in December, we've done it with a lot of turnovers on defense and in order for us to do it now, that's what we are going to have to do. We are going to have to create a lot of turnovers. Actually the success of this game is going to be which defense can get the ball and score on defense. This should be a defensive struggle."

Redskins Running Back Rock Cartwright

On playing on prime time television:

"It's big for us because players get to go out and show what they can do. Hopefully we can take advantage of the opportunity because it doesn't come a lot."

On the team's matchup against the Ravens:

"It's going to be a tough, tough battle. They have a great defense, special teams, offense and (Joe) Flacco is playing well right now, so expect a good game."

Redskins Cornerback DeAngelo Hall

On the benefit of already having faced this offense before:

"I'm just familiar with these guys. When I'm watching film on Derrick Mason, Mark Clayton, and (Joe) Flacco, I kind of know what their offense is trying to do, and I know how they actually run routes. You can kind of get a feel for what the offense is trying to do to you, but you can't get a feel for what that receiver is doing and how his motions are until you're out on the field with him. Having already played against them, you definitely have a little bit of understanding of how they move."

On preparing to play the same team a second team with a different team:

"It's definitely a little different, but it's fun. I told a couple of guys that I probably dropped three or four interceptions against them the first time, so hopefully I can keep a couple of those for myself this second time around."

Redskins Tackle Jon Jansen

On running back Clinton Portis:

"I think that he has done a great job of sucking it up and playing. I think that the coaches have been very good to him by giving him some time off."

On whether missing practice has an effect on a player:

"When you miss reps in practice it definitely has an effect on you. Hopefully we can minimize that effect and he can minimize it by paying attention on the field and in the meeting rooms."

On the 3-4 defense:

"Each 3-4 defense has little things that they do different and it really allows them to do things different because there are more linebackers and more ways to blitz. There are things that are common throughout the 3-4 that we can count on happening and there is also the unknown of what they are going to come up with against our offense. They are a very good defense and they've always come up with new things for us."

On the Ravens defense:

"They are a good defense. They are solid everywhere. They've got good players and playmakers and we have to be on our toes. We have to recognize where blitzes are coming from and win our one-on-one battles."

Redskins Tight End Chris Cooley

On the current status of the team:

"I think we are in a position that we're used to. We are in better shape then we were last year, obviously, we have seven wins right now. We were excited about how we played early, but it's been a little tough for us the last couple of weeks. This game will be a huge confidence boost going into the last four games. This is an important game, we definitely need a win, especially after being down a little bit, but it would be nice to win this game."

On aiming for the playoffs:

"It's been proven over the last few seasons that anyone can win it. You can get into any Wild Card spot and win the Super Bowl. We just have to look at ourselves to see what kind of team we have and know what we can do to get ourselves into the playoffs. Right now we have to turn it around offensively and start making some plays. It's going to be tough since we are facing the best defense in the NFL. If it's meant to be this season then this would be the kind of week that we would step up and make plays."

On the Ravens Defense:

"I think the first thing that you have to look at is that they are so smart. They have veteran leadership and they are where they are supposed to be all the time. On top of that they have big guys that are fast and make plays. Ray Lewis makes a ton of plays, Ed Reed makes plays and their two outside linebackers are outstanding. They are very solid all the way around and it's obvious why they are the best defense in the league when you watch them on film and we just have to go in ready to play."

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