December 8th: They Said What?

See what Zorn, Heyer, Rinehart, Kendall, Geisinger, Rogers, Sellers, Smoot, Randle El and Betts had to say today.

Redskins Head Coach Jim Zorn

On injury updates:

"I know that Chris Samuels has a 50 percent tear to his triceps – I don't know which exact one it is, but he is going to have to have surgery. Andre Carter and London (Fletcher) came out of the game okay. Kedric Golston is probably going to be with us next week, so that's a good sign. (Cornelius) Griffin's shoulder is coming around. He still has a little bit of an abdomen strain, so we'll have to see how that affects him. We're getting that checked out for a possible hernia. (Marcus Washington) is just a wait-and-see. We're going to try and get him moving and active. [As far as Shawn Springs' condition,] we have to continue to strengthen his calf muscle."

On filling in holes at offensive line:

"We will put (Stephon) Heyer at left tackle. (Jason) Fabini is a left tackle as well although we're going to put him at right tackle. We are going to try (Chad) Rinehart and (Devin) Clark; both guys are going to get tackle reps. Pete Kendall will be our back-up center if (Justin) Geisinger is gone. We'll have both Clark and Rinehart get some guard reps as well. We've got to slide some guys in, and they just have to rise up and play well."

On running back Ladell Betts playing instead of Clinton Portis:

"What happened is that as we got down, we wanted to give Ladell a series. And as he was running the ball, running routes and blocking, we gave him another series. We felt like he was doing just fine especially because we were going to have to throw the ball more. Without Clinton (Portis) practicing and Ladell practicing all of those protection schemes and route running, we just felt very confident that he could do it and he did. He played well in what we called him to do."

On stopping the run against Baltimore:

"I really thought we did what we needed to do in the run game for the most part. You can count the plays we lost on. (For example,) we had two guys in a gap, unblocked and the back coming right at them. All he did was juke and come back inside and it was clear sailing. We have to make that tackle. I thought for the most part we shut down their run game. And even in the passing game, they only ended up with 134 yards passing. We didn't get any sacks and we didn't disrupt or anything like that, but our coverage was excellent when they had to throw. I think the scheme was there. I'll give you an example: If one of our players jumped out of their gap, it was going to be a big play and it was. Especially on third down, you have to be very disciplined in gap control if you want to stop a good running team. They were a better running team last night than they were a passing team and we shut it down."


On what they need to improve:

"I think that we have to shore up our problems on the offensive line. We've got to keep Clinton going. Even though he sat on the bench and was frustrated, he's going to be far healthier and be able to practice this week, which is going to help us down this run. We were more in a passing mode in that second half being 14 points down. I thought that was the right choice. Now we have him and now he can practice and he can be in all of those situations and we can get after it in these last three or four games."

On how to keep the momentum up moving forward:

"We have to hold our team from getting so frustrated that they pack it in. I don't see this as a team that in any situation has that sense of packing it in. I really felt like we had a good week of practice; our guys were right there both mentally and emotionally. I think we've become more fragile with our confidence. If anything, we've got to get our confidence (back up). It's hard to get your confidence back up unless things can be successful. The thing that will turn us is if we can have some success in this next week. If we can get some success, I think we'll rebound."

Redskins Tackle Stephon Heyer

On how he played against the Ravens:

"Under the circumstances I think I did okay."

On tackle Justin Geisinger:

"It was very tough for him. I know that he has never really played tackle on this level before. Since it was such a good defense, and he was going against some pretty good players, he had a lot of factors against him, but I think he did pretty well."

On playing against the Ravens defense at M&T Bank Stadium:

"It was a loud place. We have played in loud places before. [The Ravens] are not one of those straight-up and down defenses. They move around a lot. They throw the kitchen sink at you and that's something you have to pick up."

Redskins Guard/Tackle Chad Rinehart

On the Redskins' starting offensive lineman:

"I have a great group of guys in front of me. They are a veteran group and I'm just watching them. Taking tips and notes from them has helped me a lot."

On whether he thinks he will get more playing time:

"I really haven't heard much on the injuries yet, we will see how the week goes. I feel like I'm ready to contribute now, and hopefully help the team out in any way that I can."

On whether he was surprised to not be seeing more action being a third round draft pick:

"Coach Bugel talked to me earlier in season. He told me that he felt more comfortable with a guy like (Jason) Fabini playing because of his experience, and when my time came to be ready to play."

Redskins Guard Pete Kendall

On having to win the next three games to have a shot at the playoffs:

"Unfortunately, it's come to that point and I'm not even sure if that's going to do it at this point, but that's the best that we can do."

On fighting for a playoff spot:

"We were able to come together last year and find a recipe for success in a similar situation, but we all know that last year is not this year and we're running out of time."

Redskins Offensive Lineman Justin Geisinger

On having to play left tackle for the first time since college:

"Unfortunately, both of our tackles went down and I was the lone solider left. I had to fill a spot that I haven't played in a while, but that is part of being a back-up in the National Football League. You got to be ready for those situations and all I could do is go in there and do the best that I could."

On the playing against the Baltimore Ravens:

"Baltimore is a great defense and they have some of the premiere pass rushers in the league. They were doing a lot of things out there to cause confusion for us. Hats off to their defense, they are a heck of a defense and they showed it last night. All we can do now is regroup. We have three games left and hopefully we can win out."

Redskins Cornerback Carlos Rogers

On the defense limiting the Ravens offense:

"Yeah we did well, but we put ourselves in a bad situation. You can't say you totally did when you are down 14-0. That is seven points and you could have turned it into three. That made a lot of difference going down 14-0 early in the game."

On how tough it is to come back from a team making big plays early in the game:

"It is tough, but we have to think about it as we can still find a way. Try to create some turnovers, try and help the offense out. There is a lot of time in the game still. That was early when they did that and we did find a way to get some turnovers and put the offense in a better situation to score; They capitalized on one of them and we got a field goal out of the other one. We are still trying to find our way. We were down 14-0 in the Philly game and found a way to come back and win, so we still have hope."

On needing to get the team on the same page:

"I don't know. It has been the kind of season that I don't have the answers to those questions. I don't know what it is. You try and think you can pinpoint one thing, and then it is something else. I don't know what it is. I just hope we finish out the season no matter what it is, if we make the playoffs or not. You don't want to be labeled as a quitter and you don't want to just finish the season, because you have other teams still watching you and you don't want to put that bad film out there, no matter what the outcome of the season."

On having to win the final three games:

"Last week, every team we wanted to lose, they did lose for us, but we also lost with them, so that wasn't good. Hopefully we can get the same thing and get guys to lose. We just still need to try and win. I think we can't worry about what other teams are doing. [We need to] try to worry about ourselves because we're not handling our business."

On the Cincinnati Bengals:

"We can't take any teams for granted. With the way the Bengals have been playing with the NFC East teams. New York, they brought them into over time, Philly they tied, they were a play or a drive from beating the Cowboys, so we can't take that team lightly."

Redskins Fullback Mike Sellers

On keeping the team's confidence up:

"For the guys that have been here and been in this league for a while, they know what it takes and it is just a matter of getting everybody that has been in the league for a while and knows to get everybody else to feel the same way. It is just all about leadership and taking over with leadership and trying to guide the younger guys in the right direction."

On the Ravens' defense:

"The thing about that defense is, once they smell blood it is over. They just keep coming and coming and we didn't do anything to help ourselves get out of that. We have to take it upon ourselves to try to rectify that."

On having to win the final three games:

"We like making things hard on ourselves, especially in the last parts of the year. We lose games we should have won and then at the end of the year we always have to make that run to get to the playoffs."

On getting a lot of carries against the Ravens:

"It is always nice to touch the ball, but when we end up losing after it, it doesn't do anything for me. If we won it would feel a lot different, but we didn't get that win, so it is what it is."

Redskins Cornerback Fred Smoot

On the recent losses:

"It is what it is. We are going out and playing hard, but just not getting the results we want to get, not winning those games. I wouldn't say it is a soap opera. I think we just need to gather together and learn how to finish. We're not finishing. We are whooping on people, but we just can't finish it. They [the Baltimore Ravens] got out to a great start on us last night. We persevered through that, but it just wasn't enough."

On leadership falling on the veterans:

"Most definitely it is the vets. We have to grab control of this thing and realize the situation and just end this season right, do something we haven't been doing in games and finish the season."

On if the team does not have the same attitude all around:

"I wouldn't say that. Attitude is personal. It's not like you are going to get a group of people together and say, ‘How is your attitude.' Either you want to win or you don't. I think we have a group of guys that want to win."

Redskins Wide Receiver Antwaan Randle El

On the game against the Ravens:

"I haven't watched much film at all yet, but I'm sure it will be the same thing. You cringe when you see some of the plays and stuff when it comes to being open and having the protection, then not necessarily getting open, or the run or whatever. It is an issue we have to deal with. We are where we are right now. The bottom line is we have three games left. We can still get in. We probably have to get some help from somebody, but we have to do our part more than anything."

On where the team is struggling:

"You can't put your finger on any one thing. You can't just say it is the offensive line, can't put it all on the quarterback, can't say it is the receivers or the backs. It is a combination of everybody basically doing their part and doing their part together and I think we haven't had that in the last couple of weeks and it showed up again. When you go against a defense like that, it is always going to show up. It is going to come to life."

On having to win the final three games:

"I think we have felt it in years past. If you look at last year, the way we came back, kind of got going and played well the last four games, and that is the kind of situation we are in now. Can we pull it together? Can we come together as an offensive unit, defense, special teams, as a team to get this thing turned around? Can we do it? No question, it is just a matter of us trying to just focusing on one game at a time and getting prepared. We have some injuries, but the bottom line is you have to be able to win with the so-called backups. In this league you always have to be ready to go."

On the lack of scoring by the offense

"It is very frustrating, very, very, very frustrating because we know that talent that we have and we know what we have done, even in the earlier weeks of the season. So, very frustrating not to be able to score and score points at a good clip. We are where we are right now. We have three games to try to get ourselves into the playoffs, give us a shot and of course getting help from somebody else. Hopefully that can work out for us."

Redskins Running Back Ladell Betts

On if anyone told him why Clinton Portis did not play more:

"No. The only thing that happens as far as I am concerned is people come to me on the sideline and they say, ‘Hey, you're in.' When they tell me to go in, I go in, when they tell me to come out, I come out. That's all I know."

On what the offensive line being banged up means for the running backs:

"It doesn't really change anything for me. We will probably have to help out in protection a little bit. Other than that, it is an opportunity for the young guys, other guys, to step in and play a significant role. Hopefully it will be good for them."

On what the team needs to do in the final three games:

"Really we have to capitalize on mistakes other teams are making. That is something we have not done a whole in these last four or five weeks. We have to learn to play consistent football and that is something we have not done."

On if the team's confidence is shaken:

"Not in my mind. I don't think so. I am still optimistic about the season. We still have a chance to get to the playoffs. I am approaching it like everything is still out in front of us, and that is what we have to do."

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